024: Making the Right Choice: How HSP Can Be Guided in the Right Direction with Sinead Fine

Sinead Fine

Sinead Fine is a professional Tarot reader, mentor and guide in the realms of the esoteric.

In this episode Sinead shares with you:

  • How to slow down and connect back to the wisdom of our hearts.
  • How to combine the connection to your heart and the connection to the tarot to find the right direction in your business and in your life.
  • Some interesting facts about the tarot.

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Rose: Hey, it’s Rose and welcome to another episode of the Sensitive CEO Show. And in today’s episode, I’m excited to introduce you to my good friend, Sinead Fine. Sinead is a professional tarot reader, mentor, and guide in the realms of the esoteric. Welcome, Sinead, it’s so lovely to talk with you today.

Sinead: Thank you. It’s really good to be here. Really happy to be here.

Rose: Can you share a bit about your background with the audience, what got you into tarot, and anything else you’d like to share with everyone today?

Sinead: Okay, so I’m Irish and currently living in Israel because I’m married to an Israeli man and I have travelled the world, and I always brought my tarot cards with me.

But I started reading tarot. I was around 20, and before that, I played with tea leaves in the morning with my grandmother at her house. And then I found regular playing cards, and I was messing around with those with friends for a laugh. And then I heard about tarot, but I came from this very tiny place in Ireland, and there were no tarot cards anywhere.

And eventually, I was living in Holland, and I found a tarot deck, and that was it. I was addicted. And I was terrible at it at the beginning until I put the book away and started learning how to tune into my heart. So I’ve been reading professionally since 1997. I’ve read for thousands of people face-to-face, online, and, yeah. I love tarot. I love the richness and the symbolism of it.

Rose: Beautiful, I love that. Before we hit record, you shared that you’d pulled a card with me today, which was so nice. It was lovely for you to do that. Thank you. And it was such a relevant card, so thank you.

Sinead: Yeah. I think, you know, tarot, I don’t, I don’t believe that the future has been created yet, so I don’t see tarot as a, I know that it’s known as a kind of like a parlour trick or predictive tool, but because we cannot predict the future fundamentally because it hasn’t been created yet, I use it more like a, as a guide, as a, a way to help us with direction and focus, and I feel that.

It’s such a rich world of symbolism and archetypes, and it speaks to a deep part of us, and I love it. It’s such a great tool.

Rose: I know you love it because you’re so passionate. Everything I see you put out there, and I’ve seen the number of card decks, tarot decks you’ve got.

What are some other reasons, well, what are some of the main reasons why you love it so much apart from what you’ve already shared? ,

Sinead: It works. Believe it or not, how does it work? I couldn’t, I can’t explain. One day quantum physics will explain it, but it works with this synchronicity system.

So, if someone comes to me and they have a work issue, and they need to sort their head out about their work issue, when I pull the cards, a lot of the cards that come out are cards about. So it’s like, wow, how is that? Is that a coincidence? So, you know, when I first start reading tarot, I go, wow, what a coincidence.

But then, after like over 20 years of reading professionally, I go, it just works. I am still determining how it works, but it works. People come; they have an issue, direction, and clarity. We do the cards, and they walk away with clarity. So it works. First of all, it’s very direct. Which is only always easy.

Sometimes it’s like a wet fish slap on the face. Do you know? I might ask what’s going on with this relationship, whether it’s with a friend or my partner or my kids, and I’m not delving into their private world. I’m asking about myself and my interaction with them. So like, what’s going on for me?

I’ll pull a card in this relationship, and it won’t be a lovely one. And I will say, you’re not being very nice at the moment. So sometimes it can be straightforward, but I like it because it’s, it, it’s, it shows you what you’re not always aware of. You know, we tend to get absorbed in our own lives and our dramas, and then the cards say, Hey, this is what’s going on.

So I like it because it’s very direct and also because it’s archetypal and speaks through the world of symbolism, which is very, very ancient to our brains. Like we, we used symbols and pictures alone before we could start to speak. So a picture, you know, a picture can tell a thousand words.

So very much. The tarot does the same thing. You look at a tarot card, and there are layers and layers behind it. It’s not just the, you know, the typical meaning of the card. There’s the picture, how I interpret it, and how the person sitting beside me will see the picture, and they might see a different thing.

So archetypal and symbolic; I love it. And you know, I use Oracle cards as well, but for me, tarot is, it’s quite a complex system within it. Inside it, it’s got a kabala, alchemy, numerology and astrology. There are lots of layers inside it. So I use Oracle cards, but when I want to go deep, I’ll pull out my tarot deck.

Rose: And how many tarot decks have you got Sinead ?

Sinead: I don’t have many. For someone that’s been reading for a long time, I’ve probably got about 60 now, which is not a lot. That’s cool., I have a friend in America named Cynthia, and she stopped counting after 300, so I only have a few.

Rose: How do you choose which deck to use for different situations?

Sinead: Well, I have all these decks, I buy them because I love the art or the story behind them. You know, maybe it’s a Celtic one and it’s, I’m Irish, so I like the story, but when it comes to reading, I tend only to use one, two, or three decks because what I want to do is develop a relationship with the cards.

In the deck, I want to lie in bed at night before I sleep. Imagine each card and know the picture. So it’s like if I’m developing a relationship with someone, it takes time, and I get to know them. And then the longer we’re friends, the deeper the connection. So when it comes to reading for people, I don’t mess around with different decks.

I get one deck, and I get to know it well. So the first deck I used was the Mythic tarot, which I used for about 15 years. And then I moved to the Rider Waite, a very traditional deck, and I use that mostly now. Or there’s a deck I love called the Light Sears tarot. So I tend to go between those.

And the other ones are just for me to play on my own. But when I’m reading for others, I tend to go to the same decks. And they become like a, they’re like best friends, and I trust them, and they tend to work well, you know,

Rose: Yeah. That’s so interesting. And I get you; the imagery on the decks is just fantastic.

And the same with the Oracle cards. I often buy decks because I’m just looking at my collection. I have yet to get 60, but then, yeah, the images. The symbols, just the feel and look and feel of them. That’s what I love about them too. They really, yeah. Yeah. They really grab me.

Sinead: Yeah, and there seems to be this kind of myth that it’s more women that are into tarot, but I, I have not found that in my experience; generally, my clientele would be, until recently, I like, opened an academy called tarot for Women, but before that, I would say it would’ve been 50 50 or like 60 40 Male.

Males would be 40%, and 60 be females. So many men are very interested, like my husband’s constantly nagging me for a tarot reading, you know? So I find that when it comes to gender, it’s pretty balanced. I’ve, I’ve read for. Every type of profession you can think of, from politicians, gynaecologists, housewives, cleaners, teachers, mechanics, engineers, and guys who are into quantum physics.

So I’ve read for all types of people over the years and, and there’s this, I think as humans we have this deep need for something beyond the rational, like something a little bit mystical, something symbolic, something that can explain the world to us in a way. Perhaps sometimes it doesn’t feel logical, but yeah, it works.,

Rose: That’s interesting that it’s around 50. You are 60 40 males as well. I didn’t know that. And it’s interesting because HSPs are 50% male and female, so I don’t know if there’s a correlation, but it’s just, yeah, it’s very interesting.

Sinead: It could also be because of how I read; I’m practical.

Someone comes, and they have an issue. Okay, let’s look at it and ensure that you leave with a step-by-step plan of what to do next. I’m efficient. The guys appreciate that. It’s kind of like I’m a bit gender biased here, maybe, but because I’m realistic. So, you know, the guys that maybe less woo-woo will come to me and go, okay, she’s not so woo-woo.

I can sit with this woman and have a conversation with her. Do you know? So it could also be me in my experience, but in my personal, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty equal.

Rose:Well, I love that you shared that. That’s something I, I never knew.

Rose: So your topic today, I’d love to dive into that.

So making the right choices, how susceptible people can be guided in the right direction? Where do we start?

Sinead: I didn’t even know I was an HSP until about four or five years ago. I didn’t know. I just thought I was a weirdo. So, you know, that felt everything, you know, there was this weirdo psychic that lived in the little town in Ireland.

But what, when I realised I was H S P, everything fell into place, and everything made somewhat sense. And I started to understand myself on a deeper level. And what I’ve noticed is, especially for us. The world is such a crazy place. It’s so fast. There needs to be more information. The stimulation is extreme. And for us, the first thing we need to do is slow down, you know?

Because if we want to go on our path in life, we need a little bit of quiet time to work out within ourselves where we want to go, and how do you get the quiet time where you’ve got your phone and the, and the noise and, and everything around us. It’s so stimulating. And how do we even connect back to ourselves?

So my, my first thing is like, I have two things written in my kitchen. One is over the kettle, one is on the fridge, and it’s to remind me, it’s like, are you slowing down? , you know, because I’m one of these people. I’ve got a moon in Gemini. Like, I’m dang, dang, I’m so fast. Do you know?

I’m like, got want everything done yesterday? So are you slowing down today, or how are you slowing down today? And the other one I have over the kettle is, are you making space for yourself today? So what I mean by space is like 10 minutes to stop or a cup of tea and go outside and sit on the grass or just stopping and breathing or, you know, going on YouTube and playing some meditation music and just slowly washing the dishes, you know?

So, when I think about going in a direction, it must slow down and connect back to our hearts. To connect back to the wisdom there because we’re very sensitive beings, and our heart has all the answers and understanding. And so when I’m having a stressed day, I’ll find somewhere to go.

Whether it’s the, or the kids driving me, you know, they’re like, mom, mom, mom, play with me. And I’m like; I need five minutes. And I go into the bathroom, close the door, and just put my hand on my heart. I was like, what do I need right now? Where do I need to go? What do I need to do next? So for me, it’s slowing down; it’s connecting to my heart, connecting to the wisdom in my heart. And it’s not an easy thing to do when we possibly have been brought up to be an immediate goal, goal orientated, you know, getting smashing goals, getting this, achieving that.

Even the pressure of what, who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? What’s my purpose? Even that can start to put lots of pressure on us. So yeah. Instead of just this magic of allowing ourselves just to be, you know, it seems to be a sin in the modern world just to be, not to do. So, even before I pull out my tarot deck, it’s like slow down, make some space, put my hand in my heart.

Creating space, making things simpler, and getting into that place where the answers start. , you know, the answers begin to come outside. And for me, like I, I often find that I’ll get an image that will pop up in my head to give me some clarity, or I’ll, I’ll hear a word in my head, which is me, you know, so that they might be just little guidance tips.

Sinead: And then I have a better idea of what to do, and I don’t always pull out the cards. I was very addicted to them initially, and I was pulling them out for, like, should I go to the supermarket or stay home? But nowadays, I only pull them out sometimes. Sometimes I don’t pull them out for a week, but when I pull them out, it’s usually because I need a little bit of clarity.

And I’m a little bit confused, and my head’s being a bit too noisy, or I’m too stimulated, and then I will pull them out. They will help. Please give me some direction. But for HSPs, we need to learn how to slow down and stop comparison syndrome. Oh, but everybody else is racing.

Everybody else has got this; everybody else has achieved that. Is that really what the most essential thing in life is? You know, I don’t think it is. No. It’s about learning to be in the moment, connecting to our hearts, and being with others in that authentic moment. And it’s, it’s, it’s becoming rarer and rarer.

And for us, HSPs, it’s a natural gift we can bring to the world. If I see people around me running and stressed and overwhelmed, then I sit with them and go, how can you create more space in your life today? And they look at me in shock, going, what space? What is that? You know, so.

To help us go in the right direction, to slow down, be still, find that space, and connect to our hearts.

Rose: definitely, and I love how you have those two reminders in your kitchen. That’s a good idea because many of us now know innately that we need to slow down, but having those little reminders to jog your memory or jog your brain into remembering, I’m slowing down today.

That’s, yeah, that’s beautiful. And that’s an excellent tip to share.

Sinead: Yeah. Like the thing is, I work from home, so I see those messages when I go to make a cup of tea or go and make my lunch. But if I were out working at a job all day, I would have alarms on my phone.

With the alarm. That makes a nice sound. Not one of those, like an excellent musical play. I go, oh yeah, I need to slow down, like, four or five times a day. The little musical. Please remind me to slow down. Yeah.

Rose: Like a nice chime, chime bell. Yeah. Or a crystal bell or something like that.

It’s a lovely idea.

Sinead: Yeah, that’s my alarm in the morning. It’s birds singing in nature, and that’s my alarm in the morning. I can’t; I can’t handle these loud alarms. It puts me in shock.

Rose: I don’t have an alarm. I’ve got an Apple watch, and I have it, it taps me gently on. And it’s so lovely.

Wow, nice. It’s an excellent way to wake up if I, yeah, I usually actually wake up because the birds start singing here at about 4- 4 30 in the morning, in the summer, and it gets pretty light. So I do wake up quite naturally. But if, if not, then at five o’clock, I get a little tap on my wrist.

Sinead:.Right. Oh, you’re an early riser. I, I love waking up early. I love having a cup of tea before my kids start the day.

Rose: So the next step after you’ve connected to yourself, to your heart, what would be the next step?

Sinead: Well, for me, because I’m a tarot reader, I would be pulling out my tarot deck, but for anybody that’s listening, you can get any deck.

There are thousands of decks online now. And you know, if you like cats, I’m sure there’s a cat, Oracle, if you want food, there’s a food Oracle, like you can, you can get a deck on anything these days. So if there’s anything you’re attracted to, there is not an HSP deck out there yet.

But that could be an idea for someone to do. Yeah, so you know, to get a deck you resonate with and then get the cards. And when you’re in that quiet space, I find that they’re not very accurate for me when I’m running out the door to get to the bus stop with the kids. Okay, I’ll pull a quick card.

It doesn’t work like that for me, so I need to get into that quiet space. I might make myself a cup of tea, light a candle, and then I’ll ask a question, and often my questions are pretty broad. It’s like, what’s going on for me right now? What is the better choice for me if I have to choose between two things?

And then I’ll pull two or three cards for one choice and two or three for the other. And I’ll turn them over, and I’ll just sit, and I look at them. So, I usually teach this to my students at the very beginning. So the first thing I do is look at them. I don’t try and analyse them.

I don’t try and let my brain jump in. I look at the pictures, and I describe. Out loud or quietly, what I see, ah, I see a woman is holding a cup, and she looks pretty serene. So I will describe it. I don’t try and analyse it. And then I go into my heart and look at, for example, the three cards for one choice.

And how do I feel when I look at those cards? Do I feel good? Do I feel like I need clarification? Do I feel sad? Do I feel stressed? And then I look at the other three cards, and very quickly, You see the answer. And the answer is usually what you already know deep down. But you let your head get in the way.

And so I love it when it comes to making choices and, I don’t go, okay, well I have to do that cause the tarot cards told me no. I use them as an information tool. Like if you went to a coffee shop with a friend and told them a problem, they give some advice. You don’t have to do the direction, but it’s just more information for you than to make that decision.

And that’s how I use the Tarot and the Oracle decks. So I use them as a guidance tool. So first of all, I look at the cards, I look at the picture, and I describe the image. Then I feel what I, you know, I think what’s going on in my body. I may have a tight stomach, feel something tight around my neck, or feel very relaxed, carefree, or joyful.

And then I kind of put, what I felt and what I’ve seen, and then I try and work out, well, what could that mean so like it sometimes it’s hard for me to read for myself because I’ve been reading tarot for so long and I know the levels and the card meanings. Sometimes, if I’m overwhelmed by something, I might pick up the phone and ask a friend to do it formally, but that’s very rare.

It happens about once a year. So they’re great, and you don’t need to know tarot at the beginning. You don’t need to know what the Oracle cards mean at the beginning. So you go with that process of looking at the pictures. What are you feeling? And then try to connect with what you think the answer could be.

And if you go straight for the book, you’re going straight to your cognitive brain. And then sometimes that overrides your intuition. So I always tell my students that when they get a deck, I want them to put the book away for three months. Three months or six months. You’re not allowed to look at the deck in the book.

And they don’t like that. But no, I won’t know the meanings. I’ll get it wrong. So I say, but what if there’s no such thing as. . What if there’s no such thing as wrong? And you can only be right every time to learn how to trust your intuition. Because for HSPs, we are naturally empathic. We’re naturally psychic.

Everybody’s psychic, but we have finer tunings.  And reading tarot and oracle cards usually comes pretty easily and quickly to people who are HSPs.

Rose: And it sounds like you tune into the energy of the card, and it now makes sense why you have three, two, or three main decks that you choose because you know that energy so well. They’re like your friends.

Sinead: Yeah, I have one. I have one deck. It’s so battered that the edges are all ripped, and it used to have symbols on the back, and they’re all worn off. And when I was in Ireland recently, a friend said, guess what I found? And she showed me; she gave me a deck. She got it in a secondhand store, and it’s the actual deck, the mythic tarot; it’s out of print now, the first edition.

And she gave it to me, and I compared the back of the two decks; it was like two completely different decks. Because mine was so worn out, and people love when I pull that deck out because they’re touching it. It’s like the paper’s nearly feathery at this stage because it’s so old. So yeah, I get to know them, and I can see all the pictures in my head and, and, and they become, all the characters become like friends, and they speak to me.

And it’s like that for anybody who’s A H S P. If they get a deck, work with it, and develop a relationship with it, it can become a good friend, a good guidance tool.

Rose: Yeah. I love that. And it’s so true that HSPs have that natural gift because we’re already intuitive, and we need to, as you say, put the book away.

Rose: Yeah, put the book away and slow down to me as well.

Sinead: Yeah. And stop the comparison because, okay, lots of people are running around, stressed and overwhelmed. Do I have to be like that? Do I have to make those choices? Do I have to fill my life with every moment? No, I don’t have to. But there is this.

Pressure in society. Which, which is, you know, like the levels of stress in the world now. The stories of mental issues are bigger than ever before. You know, like, I watched a talk by Gabor Maté a while ago. He’s one of my heroes.  And it’s just crazy what’s going on around the world regarding mental health.

And many of us have this internal pressure we put on ourselves. And so for HSPs, because we’re that extra sensitive. So things affect us even more, and we can end up getting so many physical things because of that overwhelming stress; it’s so important to slow down, to connect, to tune into our hearts, and I think Oracle and tarot Cards can remind us to do that as well.

Rose: So would you say that is the main thing that’s helped you as an H S P with the tarot, or is there something, some other aspect to it?

Sinead: Well, I didn’t know I was HSp until five years ago and four or five years ago, but before that? So yes, it would’ve been my primary tool. It would’ve been my main tool.

Like, I love reading books. So if I find a good book, I’ll highlight it. I’ll write notes, and that can help me understand myself better. But yeah, like all the big moments in my life where I was utterly overwhelmed, or I had to make a decision, or I had to. Disconnect from a situation or a person.

They really helped me. They helped me understand myself. They helped me understand the situation. They helped me understand the dynamic I had with the other person or the, you know, the job or whatever. So, yeah, I didn’t realise. I was a H S P until a few years ago, but before that, they definitely helped me.

Now, I’m listening to podcasts more. I’m tuning into different websites about H S P to understand myself better. So the information part in the last few years has helped me as well, to understand myself. But yeah, definitely, in the previous few years, the information has helped me.

But also, yeah, I always go back to it. But it’s not; it’s not that I necessarily do what they tell me. It’s I’m; I’m using them as guidance.

Rose: Yeah. And that’s such good advice. Some people like to outsource their responsibility to other people, but also cards, and yeah, I think by taking your responsibility, but seeing what the cards have to say and trusting your gut, and using that as guidance, as you say. I think that’s wonderful advice

Sinead: Yeah. And you know, it’s hard because we were brought up in school not to listen to our hearts, to listen to the logical, rational mind. So there need to be skills in school.

Well, there wasn’t when I was growing up. I hope there is now in schools around the world. But you know, like empathy, compassion, listening, tuning in, slowing down, they are. Very, very important skills, and we don’t get them in school. Then, we learn how to switch it off. We know how to tune out. We understand how to go with the frontal brain and then don’t trust ourselves.

That’s a big problem because everybody makes the wrong decisions, you know? Yeah. I, you know, I’m sure you’ve done it where you’ve made a decision, and then you’ve done it, and it’s been a disaster, and you go, why didn’t I listen to my gut? Why didn’t I? Because you, you were going to go with the other one, but the decision that you ended up making seemed more rational, you know,

And then, and then we kick ourselves, you know, we kick ourselves.

Rose: So I know I did that recently. A course that I signed up for, my gut was telling me no, but logically I was like, well, no, it’s really good on paper. I’ve got to do it. And yeah, it was the wrong decision, but it does happen.

Rose: Well, we’re coming up for the time already. I know that before we hit record, we said it would go quickly. But, of course, it always does when we get together and chat. But there’s one last question that I love to ask all of my guests, and I wonder if I already know the answer, but I’m going to ask you when you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do Sinead?

Sinead: I make a cup of tea first if I can. If I’m home, I sit down, close my eyes, tune in, and then I’ll go for my cards.

First, I slow down, and I’m completely addicted to tea. Then, I get my mom to send me tea bags from Ireland, so I’m utterly addicted to the tea, but it calms me down. So, I go quiet and, in the quiet space, the answers.

Rose: Beautiful. I love that. Well, thank you so, so much, Sinead. It’s been lovely talking to you today, and thank you for sharing all of your wonderful knowledge on the tarot, and I’ll be popping all of your links, including your excellent tarot school and course and any, yeah, anything else that you have shared with me.

I’ll be popping all of that into the show notes.

Sinead: Thank you. It was nice to be here.

Rose: Lovely to talk to you. See you soon. Bye.

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