009: How To Work With Energy As Empowered Entrepreneurs with Susanna Grinsvall

Susanna Grinsvall

In this episode I talk with Susanna Grinsvall about working with energy and the Emotion Codes. Susanna is a Highly Sensitive Writer, Energy worker, and Psychologist on a mission to help raise Human Consciousness.

Susanna offers 1:1 Emotion Code sessions and group workshops about Conscious Manifestation. Her deep understanding of Psychology and the Law of Attraction, experience-based insights, intuition, and exceptionally sharp sense of observation all shine through in her impactful words and authentic voice.

💝 Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the emotion codes, where they came from and how they are used to help both your body and your mind.
  • The importance of the Law of Attraction and some tools to help you manifest what you want.
  • Being an HSP writer and how to write consistently.
  • Understanding how to use your focus with intention.

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Website: https://www.susannagrinsvall.com/

Blog: https://www.susannagrinsvall.com/blog/

Booking: https://www.susannagrinsvall.com/services-ec/

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/susanna.grinsvall/

📖 Transcript

[00:00:00] Rose: Hey, it’s Rose and welcome to another episode of the sensitive CEO show.

And today, I had the pleasure of talking with Susanna Grinsvall. Susanna is a highly sensitive writer, energy worker and psychologist, and Susanna is on a mission to help raise human consciousness. Susanna offers one-on-one emotion code sessions and group workshops about conscious manifestation.

Her impactful words and authentic voice show her deep understanding of psychology and the law of attraction, experience-based insights, intuition, and exceptionally sharp sense of observation. Welcome, Susanna. It’s wonderful to talk with you today.

[00:00:50] Susanna: Hello Rose, thank you. Thank you for this introduction, and thank you for the invitation.

[00:00:56] Rose: Oh, you’re most welcome. So before we dive into your great topic, I would love for you to share more about what it is you do and how you came to do this, your journey so far?

[00:01:11] Susanna: Great. So I work with highly sensitive entrepreneurs, and I work as an energy worker, so I help, releasing trapped emotions.

So the emotion code works on the energy level. So what we do is identify and release trapped emotions, and maybe this concept is familiar to everyone not familiar with this concept. So actually, when we have an emotional experience, there are three phases. So the first phase is that the body generates an emotion.

And then the second phase is when we experience the emotion. We have physical sensations or thoughts, or we live this emotion. And then the third phase is when we let go of the emotion, and it disappears from our system. That’s the normal process. So that’s a complete cycle, but it happens that sometimes we cannot.

We go through all three phases, and emotions can get trapped in our body and energy system. And that can cause imbalances in our energy system, in our body. And if these trapped emotions stay there for long, it can be for years or even decades, they start irritating the tissues and organs, and they can create all kinds of symptoms, pain, and all kinds of trouble for us.

So what I do is I help clients identify these emotions and release them. So that they can get back to a state of balance, and the body can do this. The body has a huge vast dome designed to always be in harmony. So we just, with minimum interference, help the body back into a state of balance.

That’s basically. Yeah. Sounds amazing. That’s how emotion could work. Yes, it’s very powerful. Very powerful. And clients see such amazing results, and sometimes we don’t make the connection between cause and effect because, in Western societies, we are conditioned to only see the material aspect of things.

So sometimes there can be underlying causes, you know, energy causes, and when we work on this energy level, we can. You see, we can correct many imbalances, many symptoms and even physical pain that we may not suspect had emotional causes. ,

[00:03:22] Rose: wow. And where do emotion codes come from?

[00:03:28] Susanna: Okay. So it was created by Dr B Nelson. He’s a chiropractor. Well, he’s retired now. He was in practice at the time in the nineties. So he would help his clients with methods he had as a chiropractor. And he would observe patterns. He would see that. He would need more, you know, other methods to help them completely get rid of their ailments.

So he designed this method. He developed this method over several decades now. And that’s where it comes from initially. We can work both on physical material things and on more abstract things like motivation, creativity, overcoming procrastination and all these things that have a lot to do with our journey as entrepreneurs and productivity.

[00:04:13] Rose: How does a session work? Do you do these sessions over zoom?

[00:04:20] Susanna: Zoom?

[00:04:20] Rose: Yes.

[00:04:22] Susanna: Yes, the third thing is also on the distance.

[00:04:27] Rose: And how do you get into people’s energy fields?

[00:04:34] Susanna: So usually, the client counts with a topic or, I need you to work on, I will connect with the person’s energy system, and we have a conscious mind.

We have a subconscious mind and the subconscious mind, which is quite amazing. The subconscious mind is 99% of our mind. So it’s a computer. It records everything that we experience; everything is in there. So we just have to ask the right questions to access this information.

[00:05:01] Susanna: So it’s a computer with a binary function. So we’ll ask yes and no questions. And then, we will have a chart that Dr Bill Nelson develops, try to identify the exact emotion, and release it. So we’ll release them one by one.

[00:05:17] Rose: Amazing. And how long does a session typically?.

[00:05:24] Susanna: Last for 30 minutes. So very efficient.

[00:05:26] Rose: Yeah. I imagine, and with entrepreneurs, especially highly sensitive entrepreneurs, how can the emotion codes help them?

[00:05:40] Susanna: Well, all people, highly sensitive or not, will have trapped emotions because life sometimes happens with stressful emotions, stressful situations that create these emotions.

And also, we can inherit trapped emotions so we can have. Our own trapped emotions. And I also saw our parent’s trapped emotions. So, it can help because when we release these trapped emotions, and the body gets back into balance, everything works better for us. We have a better flow. Many clients say they feel lighter; they feel more joyful.

They feel relieved. And, also communication can improve. Relationships can improve. Productivity can improve. Many things can improve and simplify, releasing these trapped emotions. And also, what happens on an energy level when, when we release these emotions automatically, our vibration will rise because what happens is that these emotions vibrate very low.

[00:06:32] Susanna: So they are dragging us down, and they are, they’re a weight on our system, a burden on our system. So when we release this emotion automatically, our vibration will be higher, and everything will get easier for us.

[00:06:46] Rose: And is there a reason some emotions are low? Like the energy’s low for some people and not for others?

[00:06:55] Susanna: Well, if we have had many experiences on a low vibrating level, we will absorb that from the environment. And with a lot of attraction, many experts teach you to think happy thoughts. And then you have a happy life as if it were only a question about thoughts, and that’s a good starting point, but we attract with our entire being.

We attract with our consciousness. And that means that also our body contains consciousness. Every single cell in our body contains consciousness. So we attract with what we are, which means that if we have many low vibrating energies or trapped emotions, we will attract more situations. That match that level of vibration.

So the more low vibrating energy we have in our system, the more situations we will attract our people or circumstances we will attract on that same level. So when we vibrate low, it can be difficult to rise above that because it’ll continuously drag us down. So it’s really important to release these things, elevate our vibration, and move.

[00:08:05] Rose: And you mentioned the law of attraction. How else do you use the law of attraction when you work with your clients?

[00:08:14] Susanna: When it comes to gaining awareness, of course, and effect, because, as I said, we attract with our consciousness, and the lower attraction is a feedback mechanism.

So it works both ways. It works. For instance, when we think positive thoughts, we can attract positive things, but it also works the other way around. So, for example, if you’re very tired, it’s easy too. We are dragged into a mindset of negativity because we are tired, and then we will attract other people who are also tired or negative.

And we will, you know, it’ll always match our interstate. Our outer world will always check our interstate somehow. And so, when we work with low attraction, it helps us gain awareness and be more conscious about our choices on all levels.

[00:09:08] Rose: And what advice have you got in regards to the law of attraction for entrepreneurs

[00:09:17] Susanna: to see it as a feedback mechanism without judgement.

Because when we learn that it’s a feedback mechanism, we receive feedback all the time, clues all the time. So we don’t have to. We don’t have to wait, you know, too; I mean, we can do a lot of outgoing activities. Also, of course, we need that, but we don’t have to wait until a client tells us something, or we don’t have to do all this pulse to have the information because a lot of attraction is brought to us already.

So when we have this awareness and insight about ourselves, we can always see feedback. So we can adjust according. So it’s, yeah, it’s very efficient to work this way.

[00:10:01] Rose: And is it something you recommend doing daily? Like having some sort of ritual or routine to add to your life?

[00:10:12] Susanna: Yes, of course. For instance, I have a gratitude journal. I write in it every single night before I go to sleep. And I’ve done that for years now. And it’s super helpful because when you, for, for, for instance, you, of course, you’ll raise your vibration when you focus on gratitude. But also, when you see the things happening in your day from a perspective of gratitude, you train your brain to see gratitude everywhere.

You train your brain to see things in a positive light. And, of course, we need that for our motivation and productivity, to attract the right kind of people and clients associates into our world. So that’s a very useful tool. I love,

[00:10:52] Rose: I love gratitude journals. I do every morning, I do my gratitude journal, and I’ve probably started the last couple of months.

I’ve started doing evening gratitude writing as well. And. I read somewhere, but I’m reading many books all the time. That when, when you write it at nighttime, and you sleep on it, it all goes into your subconscious mind. Yes. Which I love. And it brings more it’s the law of attraction, isn’t it?

The more you have, the more gratitude and good things come to you.

[00:11:27] Susanna: Exactly, exactly. And you would recognise them as such. Yes, because you’ll recognise them as such, you’ll be able to receive them. . And, exactly, as you say it, it goes straight into the subconscious at nighttime.

And also when we prepare ourselves this way to sleep, for, I mean the, the next day, it, we already prepare the next day when we go to bed. So yeah, we’re already setting the stage. So what’s going to happen?

[00:11:56] Rose: Absolutely. And then I guess the opposite is true. If, if you wake up. And stub your toe, or you just wake up thinking, oh no, I don’t wanna get up so early today.

And, and things just cascade downhill, don’t they? Whereas if you wake up with gratitude, the whole day can sort of be on an upward, upward spiral instead of a downward spiral.

[00:12:19] Susanna: Yes. And the focus is so important because where we put our focus, we give our life energy. So we are giving life to that which we focus on.

So if we focus on things we don’t want, we get more of that. Not because we don’t because we want it or don’t want it, but because we are focusing on it because the law of attraction interacts with us as sovereign beings. So we are supposed to have this choice to focus on whatever we want to. So it’s up to us to focus on what the star says.

So the law attraction will never make a judgement and say, “ Oh, you shouldn’t focus on that. Or you shouldn’t, you know, you should change direction. It doesn’t have that kind of interference. It’s up to us to choose. And the law of attraction will always hold us uncomfortable also.

[00:13:04] Susanna: Yeah. It’s, always, it’s a mirror. It’s a mirror. So it’ll always hold us accountable for what’s happening inside.

[00:13:12] Rose: So you mentioned earlier with the emotion codes that they also work on the physical body. Can you talk about that a little bit?

[00:13:23] Susanna: Sure. So we’re not working directly with the physical body but rather on the energy level.

Imbalances in the energy system can manifest in the physical body. So the body is always communicating with us. So symptoms are a way for the body to communicate with us, saying, Hey, there’s an imbalance here. We need some attention on this. We have; maybe we need to do something about this. So the body is communicating with us.

So symptoms aren’t something to be afraid of. Rather we can; we can look at them with her. And then, with the motion code, we can identify the root cause and eliminate the root cause. . When, when, when, yes, it’s very powerful. So when we help the body get back into a state of balance, the body will take care of its rest because it was also designed to be balanced.

It was designed to regenerate itself. So the body knows how to do this. So we have to trust this innate wisdom of the body.

[00:14:21] Rose: . Amazing. I would love to change tack a little bit. And I’m inquisitive in your bio; you have that you are a highly sensitive writer. So do you write books, or do you write a blog?

Can you share with everyone the writing that you do?

[00:14:47] Susanna: Yeah, sure. So I have a manuscript book in the editing phase right now, and I also have articles on my blog. So writing for me has been a very transformative experience. I started to write, and it triggered a spiritual awakening in me a few years ago, and that has been very transformative, and that started.

It started a journey for me. And that journey would lead me to become a certified emotion code practitioner because I reached out for professional help at that very intense, spiritual awakening stage. And so the writing and the emotion code in parallel have been very, very powerful tools in this transformation that that’ve been through.

So yes, I identify as a writer and advocate for writing as an empowerment tool.

[00:15:34] Rose: . Such a bit like journaling or writing, writing regular blog posts,

[00:15:39] Susanna: both. So for me, writing started when I found myself in a situation that was quite disempowering, and I felt stuck. I didn’t know how to get out of the situation.

And that’s when I was guided to learn about the law of attraction. And I learned that even though we can be in circumstances that are not desirable for us. We do have the power to choose our focus. So what I did was that I shifted my focus away from the circumstances to the writing and all my focus went into writing the manuscript of this book.

And what happened is that, that. Led to, to empowerment for me. And over time, my external reality started shifting to mirror my interstate. So that was also a feedback mechanism. So as I was writing. And of serving that, the outdoor reality was going, and I was still in the same circumstances, but my experience was completely different.

So because something had shifted in me, my entire experience was completely different. And that’s the power of energy work and understanding how to use your focus with intention. Yeah.

[00:16:57] Rose: So how, how often do you write a blog post? I want to discuss your manuscript briefly, but I’m curious about your blog.

[00:17:06] Susanna: Yes. So I write, well I write, and I have something to say, I would say, yes, yes. I publish everything on the blog and in my newsletter, so people can access it from there.

[00:17:20] Rose: And I’ll link to these in the show notes, and so if someone was just starting writing.

If they, yeah, I guess if someone is an entrepreneur and feels the need to write a regular blog post, where would you suggest they start?

[00:17:40] Susanna: Well, you need consistency to write. So first, we were clear about the intention. And then, make sure to make space on your calendar because we all have a lot of different things to do, distractions or, you know, things needing our attention.

So it’s important to make space in your calendar is important, to take that time, to write with intention. That’s what’s important. And also to know that it’s not only when we sit down to write, which is productive because sometimes, especially as highly sensitive people, but we can also feel, you know, guilty that we are not doing enough or that we should be doing more or that we should do it differently or so forth.

So know that even if you’re not writing right now, if you have this consistent practice sitting down and right, even if it’s 10 minutes, 20 minutes, regularly, and then you keep working on it in the background while you’re doing other things because writing is also a focus exercise. So when you’re writing, you’re focusing your attention, your consciousness on that.

So that’s the focal point, but then you shift focus to something else. Your mind keeps working on it in the background, and that’s also productive.

[00:18:49] Rose: Wonderful advice. I love that. And I think consistency is so important. Isn’t it? Yes. Yes. And setting aside maybe a weekly or a monthly focus session where you just write blog posts and, I love, I love how you said that the ideas would also come to you outside that writing time.

Yeah. That’s so important.

[00:19:15] Susanna: And bulk writing can be a tip for productivity that you don’t have to write. If it works better for you, do it when you have much inspiration, write several articles and then save some of them for later. and then post it, you know, as convenient, you don’t have to.

Sit down. Well, it depends on what works best for you. For some people, consistency works best,t and they write regularly for others. It works best to do bulk writing and then save some of the articles for later. So whatever works best for you.

[00:19:48] Rose: Yeah, there are different ways to do it.

Isn’t it? I know. I do a lot of batch writing with my blog posts, and I tend to plan all my topics, usually three months in advance, but it doesn’t always go to plan if other things are going on in the background. . . So tell us about your new book that’s coming out, Susanna.

[00:20:11] Susanna: Wow.

Yeah. So it’s, it’s a journey. It’s a; it’s a; it has transformed. And this book, what it will show people is that it’s not telling a story. It’s showing a story because my spiritual waking happened while I was writing, and readers get to witness that. And I also share. My journey with emotion code before becoming a practitioner because I was going through a fascinating journey with my practitioner before I decided to become a practitioner myself.

And we just will also be able to follow that. I read that, and they will be able to feel what I felt at the time. And I believe that that will be very inspiring and empowering to witness this because something happens when one person shifts consciousness. Someone else gets to see that the change can happen in the person witnessing it, as well as if it had happened to them.

[00:21:07] Rose: Fascinating. That’s exciting. I want to congratulate you on writing a book. It’s a huge undertaking.

[00:21:15] Susanna: Thank you. It takes time.

[00:21:17] Rose: Do you have a timeline of when you expect it will be

[00:21:21] Susanna: published? I don’t yet have a date for it. I’m. Still, there are a few things that I want to adjust a little bit and, Yeah.

I’ll come back to you with the date.

[00:21:30] Rose: I’d keep an eye out for that. So, any final tips for HSP entrepreneurs or sensitive CEOs that you want to share?

[00:21:44] Susanna: So there is this question about the overwhelm we have to yes? Know how to cope with that.

[00:21:51] Rose: So when you feel overwhelmed and unfocused, what do you do?

[00:21:56] Susanna: So, the important thing is to spend quality time in nature regularly. And that really, that helps us to create. So when we feel overwhelmed, or we feel unfocused. Usually, that’s a lack of space. We need to, you know, open up and breathe and just be immersed in this healing space, the sacred space, which is nature.

So that’s very helpful. And also, of course, I use the emotion code because there could be trapped emotions. Operating in the background of our energy system, we maybe weren’t aware of them. And then, they come more to the surface to be dealt with, which could translate into overwhelming or feeling unfocused or stuck.

So, of course, the motion code would also be helpful in that case.

[00:22:42] Rose: Another question popped into my mind before we finally wrapped up. Then when your clients have an emotion code or several emotion code sessions with you, is there ever a point where there are no longer any trapped emotions or is it a continual journey within all of us that these emotions become trapped?

[00:23:07] Susanna: So I would say that usually, clients come with a specific issue or topic they want to work on. And then, we release all the trapped emotions linked to that event or topic. And there might still be trapped emotions from other events or other, you know, periods in their lives that are not relevant to work on.

Right. Then there, because they might have all other priorities. So when people need, or when clients feel they need, to work on something, they come to me, and we work on releasing all related to that topic. So with consciousness, it’s not a linear process. In Western cultures, we have been conditioned to believe in a linear.

Functioning is very much the left brain, but we also have a right brain. Intuition and consciousness work cyclically. So it’s not a linear process. So I don’t see the point. Of seeing it is in a linear process and saying, okay, we will release all the trapped emotions we ever created.

I don’t see the point in that we will release the trapped emotions relevant to that topic or then. And then, of course, clients are welcome. Come back when they feel the need for it.

[00:24:17] Rose: That makes so much sense.

[00:24:18] Susanna: Wonderful because there are so many aspects to our lives.

We have our prior life, business, family, hobbies, nature, and so many different things to fit into the puzzle called life and our life experience. Yeah. So to fit all these different pieces together, emotion code is a wonderful tool. But we don’t need to use it all the time.

We need, we use it when, when it’s needed.

[00:24:42] Rose: For people who want to learn more about emotion codes, where would you recommend they start?

[00:24:49] Susanna: Okay. So I would recommend that they read the information on my website. So it’s www.csal.com. And then there’s also the site of Dr Bradley Nelson, who created the motion code.

It’s discovered healing.com great. So I would recommend both.

[00:25:08] Rose: Brilliant. I’ll also pop a link to both in the show notes. So people can find those. So thank you, Suzanne. It’s been wonderful talking with you today and diving into this emotion codes and energy work topic.

[00:25:22] Susanna: Thank you. It’s been great to be here, and I wish you the best for this new adventure.

That is your podcast. Thank you. Thank you.

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