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The Sensitive CEO Show

Host Rose Cox, Business Coach and Strategist, shares inspiring and thought-provoking conversations for sensitive entrepreneurs wanting to grow profitable online businesses in a way that feels exciting and aligned with their soul.

Rose and her expert guests share science-backed advice, sound strategies and the systems they use to succeed in their businesses and their lives.

Rose Cox, Sensitive CEO

Hosted by Rose Cox

Latest Episodes

September 11, 2023

In this final episode of season one of The Sensitive CEO Show, I delve into a topic that many sensitive CEOs, including myself, struggle with – setting boundaries and mastering the art of saying no in our own businesses. As an HSP, running my business has been both a blessing and a challenge. I emphasise

055: Mastering the Art of Saying No as a Highly Sensitive Person
September 4, 2023

This week on the podcast, the tables are turned and I am interviewed by one of my all time favourite podcast hosts, Jenny Blake, for a crossover episode on her Free Time podcast. We engage in a heart-to-heart conversation and dive into the world of highly sensitive people (HSPs), empaths, and introverts in the business

054: Embracing Sensitivity: Building a Soulful Business with Jenny Blake
August 28, 2023

In this episode of The Sensitive CEO Show, I’m thrillecd to chat with previous podcast guest Josh Speraneo. Josh is the organiser of the much-awaited HSP Awakening Summit, along with co-host Jen Corcoran. The summit, scheduled for the first week of October, brings together a diverse group of highly sensitive people from all over the

053: The HSP Awakening Summit with Josh Speraneo
August 21, 2023

In this week’s episode of The Sensitive CEO Show, I have the pleasure of talking with Jemma Broadstock. We discuss how vulnerability is celebrated, and sensitivity is hailed as a superpower. Join us as we explore the transformative journey from vulnerabilities to victories, and learn how embracing sensitivity can unlock hidden potential and pave the

052: From Vulnerabilities to Victories: Embracing Sensitivity as a Superpower in Business with Jemma Broadstock
August 14, 2023

In this week’s episode on The Sensitive CEO Show, we have a special guest, Randy Grasser, joining us to shed light on a fascinating topic – High Responsiveness Training. Whether you identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or not, this discussion will provide valuable insights into the world of high responsiveness and its impact

051: High Responsiveness Training with Randy Grasser
August 7, 2023

In this solo episode of The Sensitive CEO Show, I share the crucial role mindset plays in achieving success in business. While strategies and tactics are essential, it is our mindset that forms the foundation for all other aspects of our entrepreneurial journey. I specifically address the challenges faced by HSPs, introverts, and empaths in

050: Transforming Doubt into Confidence with 3 Key Mindset Shifts in Business
July 31, 2023

Tune in to this week’s episode on The Sensitive CEO Show where I have a wonderful conversation with Dawson Church. Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books to his credit. The Genie in Your Genes was the first book to demonstrate that emotions drive gene expression. Mind to Matter showed

049: Supporting Sensitive CEOs using EFT for Confidence, Abundance, Mindset and Other Goals with Dawson Church
July 24, 2023

This week on The Sensitive CEO Show, we dive into the world of trading stocks with a special focus on Highly Sensitive Persons. Join me as I chat with the incredible Erin West, an Ivy League graduate and lawyer who took a leap of faith to rediscover her true self after her long-term marriage ended.

048: An HSP-specific Way of Trading Stocks with Erin West
July 17, 2023

In this week’s episode, I talk with journaling coach Amanda Stern. Amanda helps ambitious professionals to journal their way to self-discovery, success on their own terms, and a life they don’t want a vacation from. She works with clients 1:1 and in groups to help them understand how to use journaling as a mechanism for

047: Journaling – The Most Effective Tool in Your Personal Development Toolbox with Amanda Stern
July 10, 2023

In this solo episode on The Sensitive CEO Show I talk about awakening intuition for sensitive entrepreneurs. I explore the transformative power of intuition and its profound impact on business and personal fulfilment. Through this episode, my aim is to empower you to tap into the incredible power of your intuition and unleash it as

046: Awakening Intuition: Empowering Sensitive Entrepreneurs through Trusting Your Inner Guidance

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Podcast Reviews

Rose is such a wonderful interviewer on her show. I previously participated in one of her HSP Entrepreneur summits and was impressed by her ability to naturally facilitate compelling conversations that flowed effortlessly and easily drew out her guests’ expertise and zones of genius. Her podcast has fully lived up to that! A great podcast to wake up to and accompany you on a morning walk or the weekend, Rose exudes peace and calm. Highly recommend!

Catherine Wood

Founder and Head Coach of Unbounded Potential

I love Rose's genuine, gentle yet practical energy. Not only does she provide guidance & expertise ... she also MODELS what it looks like to be a Sensitive CEO, which is so, so valuable in this world with so many examples of the opposite - to expand our recognition of what leadership is to include us.

Adria DeCorte

Message Clarity Coach

Absolutely thrilled to find this podcast. Rose has a wonderful soothing quality to her voice which makes it an easy listen. I love the focus on using our sensitivity to build a profitable business in a way that supports us. It's definitely worth listening to this if you're HSP and looking to build an online business. I will be following closely so I can build my business in a soul-aligned way that doesn't leave me burnt out and overwhelmed.

Lauren Wild

Wellbeing Psychologist, Therapist, Coach