014: Human Design for more Ease, Flow and Impact in your Soul-Aligned Business with Analena Fuchs

Analena Fuchs

Analena is a Human Design Coach for Conscious Introvert Leaders who are ready to launch theor soul-aligned Business or scale their existing Business with Ease and Flow. She is also the Co-Founder of the Aligned Living Academy which offers a Human Design Certification and other Human Design Courses specifically for Conscious Leaders.

💝 Key Takeaways

  • The Power of Understanding Human Design as the missing piece for Sustainable Success
  • How to be Visible and Stand out in a crowded market, especially as an Introvert
  • Why it pays more to do less through the The Art of Slowing Down
  • Being a Manifesting Generator
  • How do you know if you are a QUAD Left and what exactly does it mean it?

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/analenafuchs/

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[00:00:00] Rose: Hey, it’s Rose, and welcome to another episode of The Sensitive CEO Show.

And in today’s episode, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Analena Fuchs. Analena is a Human Design coach for conscious introvert leaders ready to launch their soul-aligned business or scale their existing business with ease and flow.

Analena is also the co-founder of the Aligned Living Academy, which offers human design certification and other human design courses specifically for conscious leaders. Welcome, Analena. So lovely to talk to you again today.

[00:00:42] Analena: Yeah, I’m so happy to be here. Thank you for having me, Rose. Such an honour.

[00:00:47] Rose: You’re most welcome.

Before we dive into your topic today, which is all around human design, for more ease, flow, and impact in your business. For anyone listening, I’d love you to share with the people who are listening who don’t know what human design is, can you share a little bit about what it is and its origins?

[00:01:07] Analena: Yes. That’s an excellent question. So, the way that I like to explain human design, it’s like, in a way, one of these personality assessment tools that we often have, but the beautiful difference with human design is that you don’t have to fill out a bunch of questions that you may answer differently on another day, right?

But it’s all based on the time you’re born. So it’s, it’s, it has a lot to do with astrology. It also combines systems, integrates systems like the Chinese I-Ching, Eastern and western astrology, the Kabala, the Hindu chakra system, and even quantum physics. So it’s like, The woo and the signs, and one love.

[00:01:50] Analena: And the way this came into the world is that in, I believe, it was 1987 during the super, and no, this man he called himself after this happened. Ra Uru Hu. And he had this mystical experience over the course of several days. And he went out of the system, wrote it all in books, and taught it to the world.

You know, which may sound a little bit like, Okay. But I have to say when I learned about my human design and the people that I know, and with my clients, I’ve never, ever experienced anything that is so accurate when it gets to explaining who you are, how we are different, how we are unique, and how you’re perfect as you are, right?

Because I think we are all in this hunt of figuring it out and justifying why we feel specific or want to understand it, right? And I think we often judge ourselves because we must be different but human design. Oh my gosh, it changed my world.

[00:03:01] Rose: Wow. It sounds amazing. I’ve dived into it a little bit. I know what my type and profile and everything is. But I’d love for you to share what got you into it. I know you’re a coach in human design, and you’ve also started your academy, which is amazing. Your certification.

[00:03:20] Analena: Yes. So, It came to me, I want to say, one day, and I mean, I had been a coach for a while already, so I was doing, in the beginning, I was doing health coaching, I was doing life coaching.

Eventually, I started to do more business coaching, like we evolve, right? And then I did a lot of the inner healing work, the conditioning, the emotional healing work. So I did a lot of that. Then one day, one of my friends said, “ Hey, I saw this here in my new coach group. They talked about this thing, human design.”

I was like, Oh yeah. One of those other things, right? But then I saw it, and I was like, Wow, this is so different from anything before. And I have to say, I personally never really love these personality assessment tools because you have to answer all these questions, and I don’t even have the patience for that.

And honestly, I will always answer them a little bit differently, and the result is different. So it’s very intangible, I want to say. And I always found them pleasant to know, but that’s it. But with human design, it was like, Oh my gosh, this also explains how I’m supposed to make decisions. Do you know?

And, not in a limiting way, but in a way that I was like, Oh yeah, that’s right. I knew it, but I didn’t give myself permission to do it this way. I thought something was wrong with me, or I had to make quicker decisions. And so it came to me because it was so life-changing for me, my business.

Just to add on. I mean, we are here on the Sensitive CEO show, right? So, of course, I’m highly sensitive, introverted, empathic, all of it. And I think navigating online work can sometimes be a little bit intimidating and scary, like, I’m maybe not fit for it, right? I’m not strong enough for it. I have to be more extroverted and push more and all things.

So, yeah. When I learned about my human design, it was really like this. I could relax in my body. It was like a fresh breath of air, and I was like, Oh, now we can get started. And I could not help but not bring this to my clients. And I always said I am a pretty smart girl, so I had a gift somehow.

I do feel like, you know, We all have a path with the sole purpose, so to speak, and I feel in the core of my being, I’m meant to bring this into the world. I just didn’t know it, and it came incredibly easy. So I’m probably; many people out there have known about you for way longer than I have.

I had to step into it. I was called, I could not, and of course, I was like, who am I to get this out there already so early? But it was the best thing I ever did because I think I have already changed hundreds, if not thousands, of lives through, you know, my podcast, my social media, my one-on-one coaching, group coaching.

I think we never really know in numbers the impact we are making. It’s probably way more than what we believe.

[00:06:35] Rose: Yeah. That ripple effect goes beyond what we know most of the time. So you talk about human design as the missing piece for building a sustainable business.

Can you share a little bit more about that, please?

[00:06:53] Analena: Yes. So I say that because now I have tout into a context that I was already doing a lot of the inner healing work, so working with emotions, self-acceptance, and all these things. So I was doing that already. So that, together with human design, is that missing piece.

I want to add that. So it is because it gave me permission to do things on my terms instead of following everybody else. After all, mainly I think in the online coaching world, We tend to follow these gurus or these like, Okay, this is a five-step process you must follow to succeed.

[00:07:35] Analena: This is the one strategy you cannot miss. Otherwise, you will never be successful. And then we think that’s true, and we try it and force it, but it doesn’t feel right, and you know, it doesn’t feel right. And when I learned about my human design, about my energetics, I became more magnetic when I allowed myself to be in my hermit cave because I’m a two-four profile.

So the two are all about you, like I need my alone time and enjoy it. And, when I do that, people start to reach out to me; hey, Analena, And of course, I’m also present, and I consistently post content, but in my unique flow. But literally, I don’t reach out much to people.

People come to me and you would’ve told me that a few years ago. I was like, No, that’s crazy. That’s not possible. I have to list these 50 people to reach out to knock on their doors and send them messages. And that always felt icky, and now I know why. Do you know? So you step into doing what feels good, and that’s when you experience flow.

And you experience something like this: effortlessness and the concept of. Because I say this even to my coach, she often asks me, “ When was the secret of the successful launch? And I’m like, Well, I let it be easy. For many people, that’s like, No, seriously, if I try to do the things that I’m supposed to do, what people tell you to do, it’s draining.

It feels hard. It feels kind of not enjoyable. And the results are like, so so. And when I’m having fun, I let it be easy. I do it the way that nobody says will work then. So that’s why it was that missing piece for me because I like to create it the easy way, which doesn’t mean it’s, it’s easy in the form of like you don’t have any kind of challenges, right?

Easy in the way you don’t have this resistance and this fighting. Like, not necessarily the struggle that’s not necessary. Right. You’ve got some lovely oil making the car run when you’re in alignment.

[00:09:56] Rose: Everything flows, everything just flows, and it feels good.

And yeah, I get that. So I know many people listening are highly sensitive, introverts and empaths, and we can often struggle with visibility online and even posting on social media. How can we use human design or knowledge about human design to help us there?

[00:10:24] Analena: Yeah, that’s an excellent question.

So for me, What has helped me? So, as I said, I’m a two-four profile, for example, and probably anybody that’s listening has some similarities with you and me, right? We are highly empathic; we’re more sensitive and more introverted.

So we are not the type of people that wanna scream and dance on camera, on reels and things like that.

You know, I literally cannot follow these people myself. I unfollow them. So one thing I like to say is to look at the content you consume. So that’s what I did with myself: What are some accounts that I enjoy looking at? And I like, this is me personally, right?

It’s maybe different for anybody listening, but I like accounts that are very aesthetically looking, almost kind of like a magazine cover, and it’s very easy to, okay, this post. I’m talking here mainly about Instagram. That’s my preferred choice. You have to also which platform resonates with you; which one feels good in your body?

It may be LinkedIn; it may be Facebook, or it may be something else, right? But I did that and liked the earthy colours more, not these bright poppy colours, which I don’t resonate with personally. So then I Okay permitted myself to do that. And also, I let myself only do reels when I felt like it.

And I do it in a very introverted way. Like, I make fun of like, and these are the ones that usually perform the best. You know, when I’m like turning my head away from the camera or rebelling against what everybody else is saying in some way or form. And when you just do that, that is successful.

Guaranteed. Seriously, because, Just the fact that you feel, because we think, Oh, something is wrong with me because I’m so sensitive. Right. I often was there for a long time, but I can tell you I have done so many human design readings. I’ve looked at so many charts. The majority of humans are highly sensitive.

It’s just those people; they probably think it’s a weakness, so we are not being authentic. I would bet that many people out there are very like extroverts. That’s also part of them that’s highly sensitive and more introverted and stuff like that. Because just since I have seen what human design is and all the energy that applies to some context to every human in the world, we all have some elements that are highly sensitive.

We all have some elements where we’re empathic, so. It’s like, I think we should just start a trend.

[00:13:07] Rose: It’s giving yourself permission to not follow those loud. Yeah, I’m so glad you, it feels like you’ve allowed me not to have to do reels and dance and things like that because it, it, I know many people are building their Instagram accounts by doing that, and, and it just scares me, to be honest.

It’s not something I want to do. It doesn’t align with me. And as you say, it’s not something. You enjoy looking at, and I don’t enjoy looking at those sorts of accounts, so I love your advice on following people, like seeing what people are doing that you enjoy. And I’m totally with you on the aesthetic side of it as well

[00:13:49] Analena: Yeah, and what I want to add to this is that I genuinely believe, and this is my and Analena’s theory; we live in a world that’s addicted to online action and distraction, right? Yeah. So I think that’s mostly what it is. And I think we are here to change this, to make people more aware of slowing down too, to not be overstimulated all the time because it disconnects you from yourself, your intuition and all these things.

Right? And of course, not to say it’s cool to have a funny reel, but all the time, like jump in my face and quick and fast, and you need to do this and take action fast. And I’m like, my nervous system is freaking out. It’s not; it’s not healthy, and it’s not sustainable.

[00:14:38] Rose: Yeah, it gets overloaded, doesn’t it? Yeah, I’m the same. I can’t; I don’t have Instagram on my phone. I don’t have Facebook or anything on my phone. Unless I need to post something, then I’ll pop it on, and then I’ll just take it off again. I just don’t want that distraction; I don’t want that disruption to my nervous system.

So how, how do you recommend people slow down more and take, take life in a flow, easeful way?

[00:15:09] Analena: Yeah, that’s the big question, right? That’s the big challenge. So there are many, many different ways. I mean, one of the things that I love is either, I mean, connecting with nature. You do that so beautifully, right?

You are going to your work, taking some days off, especially from the tech stuff, social media, and turning the computer off. And I have to say, it’s a challenge, too, because there’s always something going on, right? And even with, I mean, I’m a mom, so if you have children or just the people in your life, when do you sit down with them and actually, just for like 10, 15 minutes without distractions just talking, listening to each other, because we are now, even like when you go to a restaurant, I mean, people don’t even talk to each other more.

They’re on the phone. There’s always something. So that, and another thing that I enjoy for slowing down is cooking. That is something I personally really enjoy. Meditating is something I want just because you start to feel your body all of a sudden and you start to feel things, and that’s a beautiful way.

And honestly, the inner healing work is not even possible without slowing down because it comes from feeling your emotions, and for that, we have to, we have to slow down. So there are many, many, many different ways, but even getting physically active, even though that may sound a little bit counterintuitive, for me, that’s, in a way, slowing down because it’s slowing down the mind mostly.

Right? It’s like slowing down from this constantly, this and that, and moving fast in front of our eyes. They’re so overstimulating.

[00:17:03] Rose: Yeah. So, changing gear a little bit, I would love to ask you, Analena. What sort of business model? Or are certain business models suited to the various human design types, like evergreen versus continual launching or having one product instead of a suite of products?

[00:17:29] Analena: Yeah, so I mean, we have five human design types, and it’s more a unique chart you want to look at, but there are some elements. So if you identify with, I think I am a highly sensitive person and introvert, and honestly, no matter what each human design type is with that, I believe because that’s what works for me beautifully.

It’s a combination of def definitely of a great product. Because I have to say, as I have now, over the years, created some evergreen content, and that’s just beautiful when you, Yeah. You wake up in the morning, and somebody bought a course, and the money’s coming in, and that product changes a person’s life.

[00:18:10] Analena: And because I have noticed, I cannot do too much one-on-one work just because. The energetic exchange that is there, and I go intense with my clients, right? So also led me to increase my one-on-one prices. So definitely a combination of income streams, and I love several income streams.

So now this does take time, of course. But my favourite thing seriously is. You create a course, run it live at some point, and then it’s an evergreen course. And I now have a whole suite of like energy healings for the different human design gates. And now we have our human design certification.

It was intense when we recorded it but also much fun. And we keep improving it and adding on a little bit over time. It’s just so beautiful now. The human design certifications, one example we are running now our second cohort and oh my gosh, it’s starting to taste this freedom lifestyle where like, you know, you show up for the cause every two weeks, you’re still there to support the community, but the content is there, you know, and, and because it’s, I have noticed.

I always tend to think, and I know that probably I’m not alone, that, you know, once I say something like everybody knows it. . , or once I know something, everybody knows it even worse. Right? And like. I now have some of the Evergreen courses that are still selling, even though I’m not even promoting some of them.

Right. But they still sell at times. And I did that two years ago. And if you would ask me now, like, Yeah, well, that’s super old, and who would be interested in that? But you will not believe where you were two years ago. That is still such brand-new content for some other people out there.

So don’t ever think that what you recorded or taught some time ago is not valuable to people. I mean, that’s one of the huge lessons that I learned. And even if I look at the human design certification. I would think now, Wow. Maybe we should rerecord it and improve it because we always want to get it perfect and more.

Perfect. Right. But no. It’s, it’s, that’s why I believe there’s one of the advantages we have with modern technology, right? Yeah. There are so many platforms where you can just upload your courses for a minimal fee per month, and it can changed millions of people’s lives.

[00:20:49] Rose: Yeah. And I love your point that even though you might have moved forward from two years, the, as you say, people are still there, and they’re learning from it.

So who are you to withhold all the beautiful courses that you have done? Yeah. That you might not think helpful. So yeah. I love that there’s such good advice and the product. Yeah. The product building, even though at the time it can, can be time-consuming. It’s the evergreen. It will keep giving you an income and helping people.

Yeah. Which is what do we do this for?

And on that note, I would love to ask more about how you collaborate. I know you’ve co-created the certification with your friend Miranda. I’d love to know what led you to the collaboration and if it is a better business model for you.

[00:21:48] Analena: Yeah, so that is one of the things that also when I learned about my human design because I thought it was a weakness before, I was always like, Well, I want to always work with people.

I can’t do my own thing. But actually, in one of my earth gates, it’s an energy that grounds me. It’s Gate seven, but it’s all about collaboration. So collaboration is something that grounds me. And as you can imagine, we can’t create much when we’re not grounded.

Grounding is just so essential with anything. And some other elements in my chart involve teamwork and collaboration. So I knew that about myself, and I already had a business partnership before that didn’t work out the way I was hoping for. But we are excellent friends still.

And I kind of let it go a little bit. I, you know, still put it out to the universe. And the other thing is that I’m also very independent at the same time. So I have both like very leadership. I need to do something, but I also have an extreme polarity, a little about collaboration, and honestly, through following my human design as a manifesting generator, which is like I’m not here to initiate things.

I’m here to let things come to me. And then respond. And then it came about that it was almost exactly a year ago, as we are recording this, Miranda and I, and we had already known each other for four years through our coaching training. We had a conversation. Something around the gene keys.

And it was without agenda. We were just like, Hey, have you checked this out? And what about this and that? It was about the pearl sequence, and then we started to talk, and I had this idea, and I threw it at her, and she’s like, Oh yeah. And we began to discuss creating something together, like a kind of program for the conscious leaders about human design.

So both of our sacrals were lit up. But then we just let it be because we were allowed let’s wait to respond. And then what happened is that I was sharing where I got certified in Human Design with Karen Parker. I had an affiliate link and always kept sharing when they had a sale.

Because I share things that I believe in, people started to ask me, No, no, thank you, but I mean, I want to get sort of, are you offering us human design certification? And my sacral was like, Oh yeah, I want to do that because I’m, My design is also, I’m a teacher. Like I knew this in high school, I used to tutor kids, and they often went from an F to an A.

With my magic. So, yeah. I can make things very easy, Understandable in a practical way. That’s kind of a gift I have. So I had several people ask me, not just one, I think it was two, two people. So that was, I was responding to it, and then I had Okay, but some, I didn’t want to do it alone. And then I, I, I threw that to Miranda.

I was like, Hey, did you ever think a human design certification because I’ve been people asking me, and my sacral is on fire. What about you? And then she’s also manifesting generators. So her sacral was like double it on fire. . . . And that’s how it came about. So really, by following our human design.

And she actually wanted to collaborate with me for quite some time already, but she didn’t make it happen either. She, she. Well, maybe it’s not meant to be or whatever. And, I think in one of the podcast episodes, we talk about it as well, and then it all happened, and it has been such a beautiful collaboration.

Oh my gosh. Like, you know, when like one and one is no longer two, it’s like, Yeah, ten and more. That’s pretty. Yeah. Because. And I’ve started to Miranda, like, of course, I could probably have created the certification myself. Maybe she could have done it herself. But by us coming together, it’s this beautiful dance, and we hold each other accountable.

Of course, we have very, very similar values and beliefs as well as how we see the human design. And that was just all there. The foundation was there, and through us following this sacral, this, this gut feeling, it didn’t come from the mind and analysing; oh, is she the right one? Does she check all the boxes?

[00:26:02] Analena: Like no, it was, and then also, in hindsight, we looked at our charts, how it is when we come together, and it was just like, perfect. In a way. So yeah, that’s how I came about. And, I had the idea, I have to say when the human design came my way, and I wrote it down somewhere in the book, I want to have a human design academy or school, like over, almost a year and a half or two years ago.

So, I didn’t make it happen. I waited. And if it was meant to be for me, I trusted, and it came, and it happened. So that’s, that’s really what human design is teaching most of us to, to wait and slow down and let it come to you, Let it find you, and if it’s meant, it will happen at the right time.

[00:26:51] Rose: Yeah. That’s so beautiful, and I can see how, by writing down your intention a year ago, the universe provided most beautifully. It sounds like you’ve got such an excellent collaboration and partnership. That’s awesome.

Well we are about to wrap up and I ask all of my guests this last question and Analena. When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do?

[00:27:21] Analena: I get off social media or the computer and turn it off. Like what I enjoy doing is decluttering. Like, and, and this can even sometimes be like, I just wanna, I clean my house and get everything excellent in neat and get rid of stuff, throw out a lot of old clothes.

Decluttering is one of my favourite things when I get this over one because there’s somehow clutter in my mind, in my life, and also cleaning out my email inbox is part of it. Throwing out old papers is what has been serving me well.

[00:28:10] Rose: I love that.

I’m such a declutterer. I love clean spaces and a few clothes in my wardrobe, and that’s so funny because I was just thinking on my walk this morning that I have half a closet in another room that needs a good decluttering. So you’ve given me permission to go ahead and do that. Thank you.

[00:28:32] Analena: Marie Kondo!

[00:28:36] Rose: Yes I love that book. Oh, both of her books. Well, thank you so much, Analena. It’s been wonderful talking with you today and hearing all about human design, and it’s a beautiful modality. I think what you bring to the world is fantastic with your certification. I will be popping all of your links into the show notes so people can find out more about you, where to find you, and where to follow you. If anyone’s interested in the certification to become a human design coach or consultant, I highly recommend you pop over to the links in the show notes

[00:29:13] Analena: Thank you so much, Rose, and it was such a joy to be here and to have this beautiful conversation with you.

[00:29:23] Rose: Thanks, Analena. Bye everyone.

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