007: Behind The Scenes of The HSP Business School

Behind The Scenes of The HSP Business School

In this week’s episode, I go behind the scenes of The HSP Business School. I’ve had a lot of questions about this brand new program that is launching early October, so I’ve recorded this episode to answer some of those questions.

💝 Key Takeaways

  • What is The HSP Business School and how did it come about
  • Each of the six modules in the core curriculum explained
  • Some of the other inclusions of the program
  • The 7 energy expansion codes used in The HSP Business School
  • How you can receive the special Founders Rate

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Hey, it’s Rose and welcome to another episode of the Sensitive CEO Show. And today, I am doing a behind-the-scenes solo episode, which I hope will answer some of the questions I’ve been receiving about The HSP Business School, which is due to launch in October 2022.

So a bit of background. The business school has been about a year in the making.

I’ve been planning and preparing this since July 2021. And I almost launched it last August. However, something didn’t quite feel right last year. So I trusted my intuition and held off, knowing that it would happen when the time was right. And as it happens, not long after that. I discovered an online training course that I was drawn to.

And I wasn’t looking to get another qualification or another certification. However, again, trusting my intuition. I stayed open, and I looked into why I felt so drawn to it. And I enrolled in the Conscious Consultant Certification, and then seven months later, I became a CPD accredited certified business consultant.

Try saying that backwards!

So this wonderful training I did turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle that had somehow held me back from launching The HSP Business School last year. Now I have the frameworks and the methods created by Gemma Went that have been used on thousands of online business owners.

For some of them, you probably know the other missing piece of the puzzle was the conscious energy clearing method, and to be honest, this side of it blew my mind. After working with many clients using RTT and hypnosis since 2018, I know the power of subconscious programming, and while RTT works with the subconscious mind, the energy expansion codes work with the energy system.

They help to remove the blocks and the things that get stuck in our energy system that are holding us back and stopping us from reaching our potential. And I will be doing a solo episode in the future to explain a bit more about this energy clearing method for anyone who wants to dive deeper and understand more about how this works, but I’ll just briefly share the different codes.

So I have seven codes that I share with my clients, and I will be sharing these in The HSP Business School. And these codes include the joy code, the abundance code, and the expert code. The self-trust code, the self-worth code, the money code, and finally, the sabotage code. And they’re all very powerful.

So this combination of the business frameworks that I’ve now used successfully in my own business and with a handful of clients, along with my own business experience as an online business owner. For well over 20 years and my own tools and strategies that I’ve used in that time to grow and scale my own businesses.

And then combining that with the conscious and the subconscious mindset tools for deep inner work has culminated in this very comprehensive and holistic program at The HSP Business School. So I’ll do a very quick run-through of the core program and what you can expect. Now, the genius journey framework is the basis behind the six-month program.

And this is my own framework that I have. Created using the frameworks from the conscious consultant certification, but also my own experience. And we start off in module one with the exploration expansion, and this is where. We really dive deep into the ex exploring our clients and or potential clients and your market.

And we uncover innovative ideas. This is a wonderful way to start the program.

Module two, which is in month two, is the foresight formula, and this really helps to set you up for success by getting clear on your long-term vision, your mission, your core values and your brand and positioning.

Module three is where we dig into designing your aligned offers and the pricing to set you up for recurring revenue and profit, and this is called the offer clarity code

Next in module four is the magic marketing and sales system, where you’ll learn all about evergreen marketing and soulful sales that aligns with your sensitive nature.

Then in month five, module five, you’ll be learning the importance of automating and systematising your operations in the simplification strategy. We’ll also cover your team development when you’re ready to outsource. If you haven’t already.

And then last but not least is module six, which is the triumph technique, and this is all about designing and implementing your success roadmap to really amplify your business sustainability.

So there are a lot of business strategies and frameworks to really help you set up the right foundations in your business, even if you’ve been in business for a while.

Where this program is truly unique is the deep inner work that flows throughout each module with the monthly RTT hypnosis subconscious reprogramming, and you’ll be listening to this every day for 30 days; there’ll be a new one each month, and this really helps to reprogram your mind. While we will have monthly live energy code sessions, and this does its magic by clearing that blocked energy in your body.

And each of these powerful hypnosis and energy codes is specifically crafted to go with each module I’ve created, and I’m still in the process of creating brand new hypnosis recordings for you. And they’re tailored, especially for this program, and you may have actually picked up that I have seven energy codes, and this is a six-month program.

So I include seven, and I’m going to be surprising you with where the seventh code fits in. So as you can see, there’s a lot in there. And I also bring in my knowledge of user experience that I have for many years of working with both big corporations and smaller businesses in my web development business, where I was designing websites, and course flows.

That helped me hone these skills, and I love to create a really powerful experience for website visitors, as well as access to the course. So the minute you sign up throughout the six-month journey, and beyond, there is a pretty powerful customer journey that I’m excited to share as well.

So the course portal that you’ll have access to, it’s been designed really carefully in a way that enhances this experience for you and also from the point of view of being highly sensitive, it’s not designed to overwhelm you, which I don’t know if you’ve done programs before, where there’s just loads of information.

I’ve been really careful about designing this and I think I’ve got a pretty good handle. I know I’ve got a pretty good handle on how to do this.

So also in this program are fortnightly live coaching calls with me. There is a private community for the business school, where you can connect with your like-minded HSP entrepreneurs.

And you can ask questions in between calls and really get the support that you need as you go through the program. Now there’s also going to be a library of various pieces of training that aren’t covered in the core modules. And this will depend on the feedback that I receive and what people want and what they need.

One thing I can share that I’m working on and testing in my business are the different ways of marketing, including SEO which, if you don’t know what that stands for, is search engine optimisation, and that is what I love about SEO. I have actually been doing it for many years myself, but what I love is that it doesn’t involve social media.

So I’m testing this out, and I will be sharing all of my findings in the business school. I also wanted to share that this is not a one size fits all type program. You get to use the strategies and the tools that you want. The ones that really feel good for you and that feel aligned with you.

And then you just leave what doesn’t feel aligned, what doesn’t fit. Again, I’ve been in a number of programs that really try to shoehorn you into their strategies, their way of doing things even if it doesn’t sit right for you, and I’m not about that at all, as highly sensitive, I know how important it is for us, for our energy to do what works for us and to just leave the rest.

So I hope that I’ve given you enough information and not too much about The HSP Business School. Obviously, it’s not too overwhelming, but it’s to inform.

If you feel this is right for you, I’d love to invite you to apply and we can jump on a call so we can get to know each other,  and find out if this is a good fit for you.

If you’re listening before 23rd September, I have a special Founder’s Rate offer. You can find all the details on hspbusinessschool.com which I will link to in the show notes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes episode. And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out through my website, which, again, I will pop into the show notes.

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