005: How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage a Podcast To Grow An Aligned Community With Ease with Kristin Quiroz Bayona

Kristin Quiroz Bayona

Kristin Quiroz Bayona is a podcasting expert, producer, and host who teaches business owners the strategies and action steps for creating powerful, purposeful podcasts that grow their communities and income.

💝 Key Takeaways

  • Why it’s important to connect your podcast to your values, zone of genius, mission.
  • A process for using your personal experiences, learnings, & growth to create meaningful connections.
  • How to incorporate podcasting into your content marketing strategy.
  • Why do introverts and HSPs make great podcasters?

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Clarifying Your Podcast Vision Workbook

Uplevel Your Podcast Checklist

Ultimate Podcasting Checklist

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Website: https://www.podcastandamplify.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/podcastandamplify/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinquirozbayona/

Podcast: https://www.podcastandamplify.com/podcast

📖 Transcript

[00:00:00] Rose: Hey, it’s Rose. And welcome to another episode of the Sensitive CEO Show. In this episode, I have the pleasure of talking with Kristin Quiroz Bayona. And Kristin is a podcasting expert, producer and host who teaches business owners the strategies and action steps for creating powerful, purposeful podcasts that grow their communities and income.

Welcome, Kristin; it’s fabulous to talk with you today.

[00:00:32] Kristin: Thank you so much for having me today, rose; I’m excited to chat with you about all things podcasting

[00:00:38] Rose: me too. And it’s very fitting because, as you know, you’re one of my very early guests on this new podcast. So it’s a, yeah, I’m going to be fascinated by this discussion as well.

I’m excited about it.

[00:00:52] Kristin: Yeah. I’m, I’m, I’m excited to share anything. I. You know, you can help your audience.

[00:00:58] Rose: Excellent. Thank you. So before we dive in, I would love you to share what got you onto this podcasting journey.

[00:01:07] Kristin: Yeah, so I worked in marketing and corporate communications for about 15 years, and it was fine, but it wasn’t where I felt like I was going to thrive. In the last few years, I finally figured out that I was at my corporate job, but what I liked about it and what was a good fit for me was the creativity part, communications. I love just communicating in all different kinds of ways.

So I was very much a jill of all trades. So I, I did kind. I dabbled, I’m a dabbler, and I’m very curious. So I took all of that experience, and in 2020, like a lot of people, during the pandemic I had hit, I had to hit a pause on my corporate life. So it gave me the opportunity to pursue other interests, and podcasting was something that I enjoyed listening to podcasts, but I am an introvert.

And so, being the host of one felt scary. And I was like, oh, I don’t know if I can do that, but I just felt this pull to do it. And I’m so glad that I did because I realised that it’s like, this is where introverts can thrive, and highly sensitive people can thrive. And I, I think it’s a great, great medium.

So I started my podcast in 2020 and the second one in 2021. after a year of podcasting, I realised, oh, I could help other, you know, entrepreneurs on their journey, help them start a podcast. I have all these other. Communication skills that lend into, you know, promoting a podcast and creating it and the assets and the writing.
So that’s kind of how my journey went from the corporate to the entrepreneurial, into just this love of all things podcasting.

[00:03:10] Rose: Brilliant. What a great journey and background to have the marketing and communications.

[00:03:17] Kristin: Yeah, it seems to be complementary.

[00:03:21] Rose: Yeah. And I know we worked together a while ago, and you helped me with my messaging for my new podcast. So I, yeah, that was so much fun. Yeah. It was so much fun, and it really helped me because this was something I’d been thinking about for a while, but I didn’t really know where to start. So. Having that session with you and nailing in my message and even the name of the podcast, it was great to bounce ideas off you.

And I could tell that your communication and marketing skills were definitely well used in that session.

[00:03:57] Kristin: yeah. I didn’t realise that I was positioning thought leaders, especially in the last couple years of my career. Like I was tapping into our CEOs, our executives and figuring out how to, you know, what do they know that they’re brilliant at?

How can we put them in front of the right people? How can we create, you know, strategies around them? So I, I don’t know why it dawned on me, you know, took me so long to make that connection, but I was like, oh, I, so, you know, you’re. Similarly, it’s like with entrepreneurs that I’m working with, it’s like, how do we, get all of your brilliance, like how do we shine a light on that and create a podcast that just really amplifies, all of that.

So it’s, it’s fun. It’s fun. I love working with people like you. I love working with entrepreneurs.

[00:04:45] Rose:  You mentioned before about being introverted and highly sensitive and it being a good, a good fit for having a podcast. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

[00:04:59] Kristin: Yeah, so I think, I thought podcasting was really for someone who was more like to be in the spotlight, someone who was kind of on, but what I realised.

As I started, my podcast was for introverts for so many reasons. So you have to do a lot of podcasting on your own, right? Like the conversation part this time we have together, it’s like 30 minutes, but all the behind the scenes, like that requires you to have.

Alone time and as introverts, you know, we love art alone time. Yeah. And we’re perfectly comfortable doing all the things that need to be done to produce a show. We typically love having meaningful, deep, like one-on-one conversations. That’s kind of where we thrive. We’re not big on small and superficial talk, and you can.
Tap into that gift with a podcast like we’re doing here. Like I know when I’m interviewing people, it’s just my jam. I’m just so engaged in this person, finding out their story, and getting that meaningful conversation. And I think too, for maybe more along the highly sensitive person, it is a, a medium that’s kinder to our nervous system because it gives us space.

So we can record this interview, or we can record a solo episode. And then we know that we have the space to go back and edit. It’s not like a life where that’s a highly taxing thing for someone who, you know, is an introvert is a highly sensitive person, and so we get that, just that little buffer that I think most of us need to feel.

Comfortable feel like we’re kind of in our zone. And so there are just a few reasons why I just realised in my journey that this medium of podcasting is suited. For us, people like us, and it’s, and it’s fantastic to have something where it’s like, wow, so many of my strengths are playing into being a podcaster, having a podcast.

[00:07:18] Rose: That makes, makes so much sense. And. I love, like, I’m a bit like you, I love tinkering behind the scenes, and I’m very curious. But yeah, the alone time is wonderful to work on things and the deep conversations. I enjoy talking one-on-one, but with a group, I just fade into the background quiet.

[00:07:40] Kristin: Yes, same here.

[00:07:45] Rose: When we went through our messaging session, you talked about the importance of connecting my podcast to my values, zone of genius, and mission. I would love you to share a little bit about that for people who want to start their podcast and why it’s so important.

Yeah. So I promote starting heart centred podcast where I help entrepreneurs launch heart centre podcast. And it’s not a buzzword. It’s about; you know when you are so. Lit up by what you’re creating, when you believe in what you’re doing, you know, a lot of the time, the podcast is an extension of your business.

So you’ve put a lot of heart into your business. You have hopefully a very clear mission. And so it’s just tapping into that and infusing it into your podcast. That’s how you’re going to build that intimate and genuine relationship with your audience, build that aligned community, and attract your dream clients, your dream listeners.

And so. I like to start with your values, you know, with your zone of genius, because anytime you can connect something to something that’s so meaningful to you. And so, much is part of your core and business values. You’re just going to have a much better result because you believe in it.

And people are so drawn to that. People are so drawn to that moment when. And even if they do not see you, they can hear it in your voice, you know, when you’re just lit up by something, fired up by something, or have a passion for what you do. And so that’s why I just think it’s so, so important to start there.

And then also, you know, anytime that like we are in integrity, we’re operating entirely from our values. Our listeners have permission to do the same. Like we’re an example of what that looks like. And really, I think that’s, isn’t that like, what we all want for our community is for them to feel like, Hey, you can show up just as you are.

And that’s, you know, that’s all that I think I know I wish for my community. And so if I can be a model of that, as I’m, you know, in anything that I do, but it, this is since as a podcaster, then I think that’s another really special thing that you can provide to your listeners is like, oh, that’s an example of someone just fully owning, you know, what they love and what they’re great at.

And. Oh, huh? May maybe I can do that too. So it has a little bit of inspirational, empowering component to it as well.
Yeah. I love that. I love I I’ve listened to podcasts for many years, and I’ve always been inspired by, you know, conversations. And like you said, in. In the beginning. You didn’t think that you would be able to be a host yourself.
And I always thought the same, but then I realised I have so many experiences, learnings, and growths that have come over the years of running different businesses and just through life in general—and just sharing that authentically. Does lead to inspiration, you know, inspiring others that yeah.

They can do it too. And that’s, that’s my hope for this podcast as well.

[00:11:23] Kristin: Yeah. As you said, we have so much experience and wisdom to draw on. And so it’s just, you know, creating a space where we can share that with people and they can, you know, get so much out of.

[00:11:37] Rose: and I love what you, what you touched on before about, even though people might not be able to see us, they’ll be able to hear in their voice, our passion, and especially, I think as introverts and sensitives and empaths we definitely can listen to through the podcast and that feeling comes through.

[00:11:55] Kristin: Yes, I know we are. People who listen, like we are great observers and we’re great listeners. So if anyone’s going to pick up on that nuance, it’s going to be us. Right. We’re going, we lean in, and we’re like searching for that. You know, the subtlety and I was actually reminding me of something I told you around.

When you record to smile. Yes. That little tip is so silly and simple, but you can tell when someone is smiling; you can hear it in their voice. So similarly, you know, like we’re talking about when you have that like lit up feeling like people can listen to the difference, in your voice, it doesn’t always have to be like, The visual, which we are so bombarded with a lot of the time.

So sometimes, the podcast is a nice break from having to see the imagery.

[00:12:47] Kristin: Definitely. And recording. I know, I’ve just come off doing a series of interviews for the HSP entrepreneur summit. Although I love it, I actually really like the podcast because I don’t have to put on any makeup not that, I mean, not that I don’t mind putting on makeup, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. And, you know, not having to worry about how you look or come across and oh yeah. That is like, I mean, to have a, a content marketing tool, where you can just roll out of bed in the morning and your PJs in record.
Yes. I mean, what’s better than that? Yeah.

[00:13:29] Rose: Not, not that we have our PJs all we might, no one can see us. So you mentioned it is a content marketing strategy. Can you talk a little bit more about how to incorporate the podcasts into your content marketing strategy?

[00:13:47] Kristin: Yeah, so, because I think podcasting is, is so powerful.
And it’s such a great way to create an intimate connection with your community because I mean, for one thing, you can have intimate conversations like this. Still, the way it’s consumed is a very intimate experience, right? Like your voice is literally in someone’s ears. They are taking you a long like they’re incorporating you within their day.
So you’re going on their dog walk, you’re, you know, washing dishes with them. So it’s, it is this, like, it just has a certain, I think a higher level of like this connection and intimacy. And so that’s why I like to start with the podcast as the top of the strategy, like a funnel, if you will so, because you have such a powerful.

Piece of content, what I do and why I help my clients do is repurpose that—all of your channels. So if you start with that at the top of your strategy, like this is the this is the piece of content that I’m going to kind of pour my heart into. Then you have something you can create social media posts with, and you can create so many different types of posts because you can do audio, audiograms, you can do.

Infographics, you can pull out quotes, you can pull out the bullet points. Like there are so many opportunities there just, and that’s just for social media, but you can also use that content to send to your email subscriber list. You know, I post on LinkedIn and the other social platforms and create stories like there are so many opportunities to repurpose this.

Piece of content that you. Put so much into already. And I think for us entrepreneurs, it is wise to be a repurposer to, you know, be smart about what we’re creating and how we can leverage it across as many different channels. And so it kind of sounds like, okay, you know, if you have a weekly podcast, that means you have one really strong piece.
Weekly content that you can use and not to say that you can’t incorporate other things, but if you start there, I mean, so much of the work is done for you. You know? So to me, that’s, that’s how I, I use mine. I, I post, two episodes a week. One’s a solo and one’s an interview. But even if you just had one, you could still leverage that pretty far, in your marketing strategy.

Then that’s just, you know, with the content, if you think about how, like I’m on your podcast now, so many of my guests I’ve been on their podcasts and I’ve gotten invites that way. So then it’s also a networking. Opportunity. So that’s part of your marketing strategy. So it’s got a lot of legs and there’s a lot of different ways that I, I, I found it beneficial.

Like I’ve just grown my network of, because I only interview, woman entrepreneurs. So now I have this amazing group of women entrepreneurs that I can tap into and they can tap into me. So that’s how I, so, you know, help entrepreneurs to really leverage podcasting.

[00:17:18] Rose: I love that. And it it’s like, yeah, I guess it’s like having your lead lead content for the week and then taking snippets of that and posting it in different places on social media.

It just it’s, it’s such a smart way of. Of running the business, isn’t it having that, you know, repurposing system in the background without having to think up new content every day to post on social?

[00:17:43] Kristin: I think the content generating part of entrepreneurship is what chips. A lot of us up me included, you know, in the beginning.

And I was like, gosh, I’m spending so much time. Trying to come up with ideas and I’m a creative person. so I was like, oh gosh, if I’m having, usually I have a ton of ideas, but it’s like, if I’m feeling kind of taxed, you know, by this having to keep up this cadence, then. I know a lot of other people are feeling the same way.

So for me, it’s just made things so much easier. in terms of having something that I believe in that I can put out every week. And that’s really important to me because I’m so tied to my mission. So it’s like, you know, I don’t wanna spend all this time on something that. It’s not gonna resonate with people and it’s not gonna feel really good to me.

So that’s just another, and then, you know, also you’re thinking, and I didn’t mention this, but you’re also tapping into other audiences if you have interviews. Right. So it it’s just like layered in terms of the, the benefits and, and what you can see from, from having a, a podcast.

[00:18:51] Rose: It’s definitely a wonderful way to, to get in front of different audiences and audiences that generally would be aligned with you because I know I’m sure with you as well, but the, the guests that I’m inviting are aligned with my values and my business and that these, I guess they’ve got their followers who would be aligned as well.
So it’s, it really is a win-win for everyone. Isn’t it.

[00:19:20] Kristin: Yeah, I think it, it is because they’re getting in front of your audience and, you know, you’re getting in front of theirs and that, that’s what I love about it too, is that it’s such a mutual, mutually beneficial, medium, and I love collaboration.

So I like it when, like you said, there’s that win-win component to, you know, being on someone’s show.

[00:19:42] Rose: Yeah, in fact, there’s another one it’s win, win, win, because it’s also a win for the audience because you are sharing information to the audience, which is about the, what they’re aligned with and then the interests.

[00:19:55] Kristin: Yeah. You’re giving so much value. Yeah. cuz they get to tap into your learnings and your experiences as the interviewer and then they’re also getting what your guest is on to share. So yeah, it’s a lot of. value that you’re providing. And I like to remind, the people I work with and that, you know, you are providing so much value.

Because I think it can get a little lost sometimes of like, oh, everyone has a podcast or I’m just putting out a podcast, but it’s, it’s a very valuable, piece of content.

[00:20:25] Rose: Yeah, definitely. And I was actually, I was listening to funnily enough, listening to a podcast this morning, on my walk. And, the, the lady speaking was talking about how podcasting, some people think podcasting is a saturated market, but if there’s a lot of podcasts that are talking about your topic, then there’s obviously a lot of people that are interested and a topic never gets exhausted.

Like you would never. Find a podcast and think, right. That’s the only one I’m ever gonna listen to. I’ve found what I want. There’s always different points of view that, are interesting to follow and listen

[00:21:02] Kristin: to. Yeah. And I think if anything, it spurs your curiosity about a topic. Yeah, because you, you heard it from that perspective, but oh, what does this person think?

At least that’s the way my, my mind works. Like you, I’m also a curious person. but I think that that argument about, you know, oversaturation, that can be applied to anything. I mean, how many coaches are there? How many marketing, you know, business, coaches are there, like there’s, there’s so many of, one thing.

Think that’s another reason why it’s so important to tap into going back to your other question, your zone of genius, your experiences, your perspective, because that’s your differentiator. You are the person that’s going to set your podcast apart because no one else has those experiences.

Learnings like you do, like you said, you, you can, you have that unique perspective that you’re sharing and the more you can lean into that, the more that’s going to set you apart from everyone else. So it’s just another reason to, just really tap into. Yourself. And I know it sounds kind of funny. It’s kind of like, it’s this idea of centering you in your message, but it’s in a way that people can relate to and people can, give them a sense of like belonging and that, that they’re seen through your experiences, I think is the way, you know that to, to kind of approach it.

[00:22:30] Rose: I love that. I love that. I’m just, I’ve got all these questions popping out and I know we’re we are coming up for time, but I’ve gotta ask you a couple more questions. . If someone was thinking about doing a podcast, where would you suggest they start?

[00:22:50] Kristin: I would start with why you wanna start a podcast.
I think, you know, what, where, what I usually walk clients through and actually have a free resource that I can share, but it’s, it’s getting that podcast vision down. So as an entrepreneur, you wanna understand, like we talked about what are you bringing to the table? What’s cuz that’s gonna be your quote unquote, secret sauce.

[00:23:12] Kristin: You, you are at it. and then who do you wanna reach? Get really clear on like, who is my audience? How, how do I wanna provide value? Like we talked about earlier and then, how is this gonna impact my business? Because if you’re using this to grow your business, What is that gonna look like? How much time and resources do I have?

What do I want to commit to it? You know, what feels good? What feels spacious? What resources do I need? So, I do have a workbook that goes into depth and asks questions around all of these topics. But for me, when you have that clear vision, that’s when you really set yourself up for success, right?

Because you get really committed to that idea of. That’s what I want. And it just kind of helps be like north star to getting, getting there. And it builds a great foundation because. You know why you’re doing what you’re doing and, you know, what the potential impact is. So that’s where I, I tell people to start.

And then all the other things just can kind of fall into place in terms of like the tech and going through that exercise does help you with your summary and creating your, you know, your assets. So that’s where I tell people to start.

[00:24:26] Rose: Brilliant. And for people who aren’t quite ready to start their own podcast, but they want to maybe be guest speakers on other people’s podcasts.

How would you recommend they reach out?

[00:24:40] Kristin: So most podcasters should have a form on their website or a way that you can apply to be on their show. And if they don’t, you could reach out and the DMS on Instagram or, or LinkedIn or wherever you hang out. but when you do that, a form is easier because they’re gonna be asking you specific questions about why you wanna be on the show.

But if you do just sort of, see someone, you know, do your research on your podcasts, I’m trying to think. I think Podchaser is where you can look up.

[00:25:16] Rose: Yeah. Podchaser’s got a wealth of information. It’s a great resource.

[00:25:21] Kristin: Yeah, it’s great. You can do a search and on topics, if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re a highly sensitive person or whatever type of podcast you wanna be on, you could do a search and gather a list.

What, which ones look good? Which ones look aligned with me and like what, what I can talk about. And then from there, go and see if they have a form. If they don’t have a form, you know, maybe start following them online and engaging with them and then work your way up to, sending a message.

Hey, I think I’d be a really great fit for your podcast. This is what, this is what I think I would, or how I would add value to your, listeners and just make sure you let them know why, you think you’ll be a good fit and how you’ll provide, you know, something that your, their audience will be interested in.

So that’s where, where I would start doing searches, researching podcasts that look like they’d be a good fit. And then, doing some, some little bit. Engaging before outreaching, I think is always nice. Right? Yeah. I think we always like that.

[00:26:26] Rose: Yeah. Sort of getting to know it’s kind of like courting. Yes. I love that. That’s brilliant advice. Well, we are coming up for time, so. We’ll wrap this up now, but thank you so much, Kristin. And I will pop your link to your wonderful workbook in the show notes and everywhere else where people can find you and learn more about you.

[00:26:54] Kristin: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me on Rose. This was such a fun conversation.

[00:26:58] Rose: Oh, I loved it. Thank you for being a guest and I’m sure we’ll connect again soon.

[00:27:03] Kristin: Yes, definitely.

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