019: The Power of Co-creation in Business with Tara Jackson

Tara Jackson

Tara is an intuitive business mentor, holistic wellbeing coach, artist, and author who supports empathpreneurs with releasing, healing, and letting go of all that is stopping them from fully claiming their magic and co-creating the business (and life) of their dreams, that considers all and our home.

💝 Key Takeaways

  • Working with the energy of your business and offers to co-create. How this has worked for Tara to create her business and all of her offers.
  • Leaning into the strength and power of sensitivity (as well as honouring it) to work in this way – creativity, cyclical living and trusting intuition.
  • Clearing blocks (in the chakras) using colour and regression work, to align with your gifts as a co-creator.
  • What is our inner CEO and how can we communicate with it?

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Embodied Wealth – I AM

Embodied Creation

Embodied Business: A guide to grounding and aligning your business chakras for empathpreneurs

Embodied: A self-care guide for sensitive souls

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Website: http://www.empathpreneurs.org

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/empathpreneurs/

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Rose: Hey, it’s Rose and welcome to another episode of The Sensitive CEO Show, and in today’s episode, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Tara Jackson.

Tara is an intuitive business mentor, holistic well-being coach, artist and author who supports empathprenuers with releasing healing and letting go of all that’s stopping them from fully claiming their magic and co-creating the business and life of their dreams that considers all and home.

So welcome, Tara. It’s so wonderful to have you here. I know that we caught up recently or quite a while ago on the first HSP Summit, but it’s lovely to talk with you again today.

Tara: Oh, thank you so much for having me back.

Rose: I would love for you to introduce yourself. I know I did a brief intro, but I’d love you to introduce yourself in your own words and let everyone know a little bit about you and what got you started into what you’re doing today.

Tara: Absolutely. So I was working in London for over 20 years basically in a very, you know, masculine corporate offices, that sort of thing. Lots of different jobs. Trying to understand how businesses worked, trying to do lots of different things to get a really good understanding, because I always knew deep down I wanted to have my own.

And I’ve just found myself really hustling, burning out, trying to do so many things and working in a way that just wasn’t aligned with me. And obviously I’m a sensitive person, and I just thought something was wrong with me while doing this. And so I, in the end, you know, I had to quit all this and, and let it go.

And then, I trained in health coaching, and through that, I started to find my way. I began to learn about living and working in alignment with the seasons, which I also knew intuitively, so, you know, every month, And then also, a yearly basis with the year’s seasons.

And I started to tune into what my body needed, how it wanted to work, learning to work with it intuitively, ultimately. And then this led to a journey of, you know, trying different things, and in the end, it was, you know, really allowing a lot of space, a lot of time off, of course, you know, really lucky I could do that at times.

And then it was, it was really interesting. One day I just had this idea for aligning your business with the chakras. And it was like all these different experiences I’d had in the working world and, you know, my spiritual and health journey. It fit into a different chakra or how I saw it anyway.

And then this offer evolved from that, and it became a way to support people like myself in similar situations, maybe a few steps behind that kind of thing. And it’s just grown and evolved from there basically.

Rose: Amazing. I love that you combine the chakras with the work you do and that you combine it with business. That’s quite unique.

Tara: Well, thank you. Yes, it was quite a magical moment for me when that kind of like hit; I suppose the idea landed. Yes.

Rose: And you also work with colour. You use the chakras with colour and also regression work. Is that right?

Tara: Yes. So, I trained in colour mirrors, a system of coloured bottles, as I know I’ve shared with you before.

Rose: Yes, they’re beautiful.

Tara: And it’s, it’s so magical how yeah, each colour can be a mirror to sort of shed light on what might be going on inside of you to support you too, you know, to let go of things, to let go of beliefs, blocks, you know, anything that you know might be holding you back. To support you to step into your whole truth, your alignment, et cetera.

And so, yes, I use colour, which of course the colours link to the chakras. And also, each colour can link to different past lives. If it shows up a lot in reading or if you know you’re drawn to a particular colour, there could be certain specific issues within that colour which might, you know, indicate a past life there or, you know, something in this lifetime even.

And that can all support you with the healing and the holding. To move forward. So yeah, that’s how I work with the colours and regression work.

Rose: Amazing. And how, how does it clear, how does working with the colours clear the blocks that you know, people have in their business and their lives as well?

Tara: Absolutely. So I could give you an example. For example, the colour red. So this is, you know, it’s the Base chakra. It’s us, you know, our survival, our safety, our rooting here on earth. And if, let’s say that, you know, the colour red was showing up a lot, or it’s something, you know, you either maybe really are drawn to or perhaps even repelled by, it could be, you know, as you’d start to dig in deeper and feel into it and things and, you know, ask some questions.

Of course, it could be money, survival, judgement, and guilt, boundaries. Maybe feeling a bit of a victim. And these things, you know, as they rise, are all sort of issues, things that could be stopping you in some way in business or life. And the colour opens this up.

It brings things into your awareness. Even triggers in your day-to-day life can arise when you start to work with colour, and then, then you; you can go in and heal it maybe through, you know, visualisations. Or you can even bathe in the colour bottles or work with the colour, like have the colour red around you, wear more red.

And so it supports you as well. So there’s a few different ways you can do it, but working with colour can provide more insight and opening to what might be rising.

Rose: Amazing. I love that. And if someone was to say, if someone wanted to do this on their own. Is that possible, or do they need a colour mirrors session to find out which colours they need to work with specifically?

Tara: No, I mean, of course, you can go deeper with someone always holding and supporting you and guiding and, you know, being a mirror and that sort of thing. But you can look at what colours you’re drawn too. . And I mean, the colour psychology behind it, you probably, you know, need to have a little bit of an understanding of that to be able to sort of see what colours can maybe possibly mean.

I mean, for another example, I was obsessed with the colour red as a child when I was younger. I lost my Mum at the young age of eight. And I, you know, remember looking back, I almost overnight fell in love with purple, which became my new favourite colour. And, you know, when I learned about colour psychology a bit from the colour mirror, purple is all about grief and wanting to escape the body, wanting to be in the, you know, the higher realms, as well as other things.

But it was so interesting to see how that became like my sort of safety blanket, my security, and I mean everything I had was purple, absolutely everything. And so, in hindsight, it’s just really interesting to have seen that. But when it comes to working with it yourself, it’s just really trusting the colours you’re drawn to, and if there is a specific one you’d hate, you know, maybe wondering why.

What is it about the colour you dislike? How does it make you feel and that will start to give you clues as to, you know, where you’re holding back, where there’s something unresolved, et cetera? It’s a mix of it’s not the easiest, but it can also be accessible.

It’s inviting more colour, colouring your life and letting it perhaps guide you a bit.

Rose: Wow. I think we might have discussed this before, but purple’s one of my favourite colours as well, and it pops up everywhere. It was one of my business names many years ago, and I love it.

My wardrobe. It always ends up in purple. When I look at it purple or turquoise. I’m just so drawn to both of those colours.

Tara: I love that. And there’s positive and, and, you know, negative and inverted, you know, in the quotes, in air quotes, aspects for both. So, you know, it doesn’t always have to be the negative side.

It can be, you know, the spirit-like for purple. It’s spirit, you know, connection with your spiritual side, being a healer connected to the, you know, the divine, et cetera. It doesn’t have to be the negative aspects. It could be about other things. Completely. It’s always about looking at both as well.

Rose: Yeah, that’s just so fascinating because it is such a deep topic. I guess you can do it, read about it or learn about it on the surface, but you can go as deep as you like, as you mentioned before.

Tara: Absolutely. And it’s just so fascinating. So I work with colour, and I do quite a lot of things on my social media with colour, and you know, for example, at the time of recording, I’m doing a weekly thing called the Colours of Wealth.

And so each week is a different colour. And every time I work with this colour, it brings up issues in that colour for me, of course. And another layer and another level. And so it’s quite exhausting but also quite magical. To see what it’s going to bring up, what you know, within that colour for me to look at, dive into more profound, and step more into my alignment.

You know, and so it’s, yeah, it’s really, it’s quite a powerful tool. It can seem subtle, but once you are aware of it and in tune with it, it has such power. It does for me, anyway. And yeah, when you’re drawn to colour, you know, it can do that for you.

Rose: And I also know, Tara, you work with the energy of your business and the offers to co-create. How does that work, and how has it worked for your business?

Tara: Oh my goodness absolutely. So this is something I’m totally passionate about when it comes to, especially being in business on your own, at least in the beginning stages.

It was something that I was, I learned in a women’s circle, and it was about it learned that basically everything has energy. Of course, everything is energy, and we can connect to, you know, the energy, the essence, the life force of our businesses and offerings. And I often hold space with this as well.

And so you, you know, go in, and you can just call in the energy of your business to start with, for example, and just allow it to come in, invite it to make itself known. And as you get to know it, I mean, I get very visual experiences. You might be just a known feeling. It might be, you know, you might hear it, something different.

And it’s just allowing that to come so you can begin forming this relationship with it. And then, as you do, that grows, and you nurture it, which is very important, and you can start asking questions. You can start to lean on it for support. It’s like having, you know, co-creator this, a CEO maybe in your business with you who literally can guide you.

And I’ve used this for, so since that sort of the first idea with the chakras and the business, I’ve used it for everything since then. So I’ve created offerings from that, you know, an 11-week program. All my books are written through creating and connecting to the energy of the book.

And then daily, or, you know, weekly to say, let’s say connections just to, you know, really trust that guidance, trust that connection, and allow it to, to co-create with you. And it’s, you know, it’s such a magical way of doing business.

Rose: It’s so beautiful, and it’s like, I’m picturing a. Like a higher being or a higher, higher self, as you mentioned, as your CEO or as your guide.

That’s just amazing. I love that. And I guess it’s; it makes so much sense. Because we intuitively know what is right for us and our businesses.

Tara: Absolutely. And it doesn’t matter what you call it; at the end of the day, it’s just about knowing there’s that support for you there and that you don’t have to do it all on your own as well sometimes.

And that in itself is just so supportive and liberating. And it makes it a lot more, a lot more flowing. And then you don’t always push. And to say, when you do it this way, there is a huge element of trust and letting go as there always is with, you know, trusting intuition.

And so, you know, you’re not pushing to make things happen. Often. It’s the guidance of, well, there’ll be no guidance, wait, stop, don’t do anything, or do self, something like self-care. And then, there’ll be a burst of action, for example, or an idea, you know? And so it’s a very different way of working that so does not go with the way I think many of us have learned to do business, but

Rose: It’s definitely not the corporate way is it?

Tara: No, not at all.

Rose: How do you recommend people tap into their inner CEO?

Tara: I would just take yourself into a meditative or calm state and, just go inward and just, you know, just have the intention for it to join you. Ask it to invite it in, and, you know, you might need to do this a few times.

You might need to spend some time doing it and allow it to come to you and invite it to make itself known. And then see what comes and let it guide you. It’s about letting go and just letting it arrive. I have meditations and things on that, which people could use as a starting point, but you can do it on your own.

Just have that intention.

Rose: And I love how you see it about letting go because. I know it’s pretty common for people to hear that inner voice, but to then go straight up to their logical brain and think, oh no, I know better, rather than listening to their heart, listening to their gut wherever their inner guidance is.

So how would you recommend someone pushes that, barking dog or whatever you want to call it aside and just really, really letting go and trusting that, even if it might logically not sound like the right choice when intuitively it is.

Tara: So there’s a couple of ways.

So, first of all, you can take yourself into a meditative state. You could, you know, you could start by journaling with it, you could use your non-dominant hands to ask questions. To sort of take you out of the logical mind a bit. Start to know just, you know, the soul of my business or whatever you want to call it, the energy of my creation.

Please, you know, please come forward. What do you have to say to me? You know, kind of thing or whatever you want to ask and see what comes and just let it come without judgement, without having to do anything. You could also take a walk with it. You could go for a walk to get yourself out of your head.

The idea with both of these is that you’re somehow taking yourself out of your head and getting into your body. And when you do that, you know, have the question to ask, you know, question, to ask around, you know, what, what do I need to know? You know, are you there? Please connect with me, et cetera.

Just an openness to that. And as you know, walk or journal, see what comes, and that’s okay. If nothing doesn’t, that’s fine. Just try another time again. Rather than even doing the whole of your business, you could ask us for a specific offer. Maybe there’s an offer that you have or a book or, I don’t know, a small thing.

Something that you don’t have much attachment to, perhaps, and ask it to connect with you. And again, see what comes. Allow it to guide you; allow it to make itself known. And when it does, and if it does, you know, whatever guidance it gives you. Trust it. Just try it. Just listen for that one small thing.

You’re not asking you to change anything else in your life or your business, and do it for that one small thing and see what happens. Because you know, it might take a bit of time to trust this way and this process, but if you try it with something small and let it lead, honour that.

Cause you know, that’s a huge part is you have to honour that guidance, and then it will come, get louder, and get stronger. And let it come that way rather than this, you know, giving up to your whole business perhaps. And that might be a way in, if it’s, that the mind-stuff is coming in the head stuff and the Oh my goodness.

So, at least then, you’re in control of the other stuff. But just that small part you’re trying it with as a starting point.

Rose: I love that. Those are great tips; thanks, Tara. And yeah, it’s baby steps for someone who hasn’t done this before and doesn’t fully trust in their own intuition.

Tara: Absolutely. And, exactly like you, as you know, intuition, you have to use it. You have to trust it. Like a muscle, it has to be used, and you have to follow its guidance for it to strengthen. Yes. And so it might be a daily connection to your intuition and, alongside, to strengthen that connection that you have within.

Rose: Absolutely. I love making it part of my daily routine, meditation and journaling. We can use so many wonderful tools that we can use aren’t there?

Tara: Oh my goodness. Absolutely. And it’s just such a beautiful, nourishing way to do business and connect when we have that support and that connection.

It’s, yeah. It makes it so much more; it’s such depth and to it and a richness.

Rose: So changing. It’s all significantly linked. But yes, I know when I specifically reached out to highly sensitive people when we spoke for the first HSP entrepreneur summit that I hosted.

And, of course, you are also highly sensitive, and I know that you are very good at leaning into the strength and the power of your sensitivity. I would love you to share with everyone, Tara, how you do that.

Tara: Absolutely. So, what we’ve just talked about is a huge part of that. It’s, as a sensitive person, we feel a lot, you feel so much sometimes, and so there’s like, so there’s a double part to it.

First, I have to honour that sensitivity and my body more than anything. And as I talked about in the intro, working with the seasons and cycles is a part of that for me. You know, the periods of the four seasons, for example, spring, summer, autumn, winter, yeah, of my own inner cycle and a year.

When I do that, I become more aligned with myself because I’m resting more, following the guidance and action at times when I am more active, and my body is in more harmony. And through that, I’m then able to tune into my sensitivity more to it because it doesn’t get so exhausted, frazzled, and burnt out.

I can connect more deeply to, for example, the soul of my business and the soul of my office. My creativity can flourish and I, you know, allow more spaciousness to tune into these parts of myself. But it’s not like one thing. It’s an ongoing journey with it that changes. I mean, as you know, I’m currently in the UK.

I was in Kenya the last time we spoke. The seasons are different.

Rose: Of course. I was thinking that when you said seasons, I felt that you’ve got the seasons in the UK.

Tara: Yes, and it’s taken an adjustment to get to this again. And, like me, I’m much more in tune with my menstrual cycle here.

It stands out more. Whereas when I’m on the equator, it’s much more of even, I’m almost more, even in some ways throughout my metros cycle, because I’m on more of a circadian rhythm with an almost even day and night, but most of the year there. Yeah. So it’s a brilliant awareness of yourself and how you changed with the seasons or the environment you’re in, and then through that, you have to honour yourself and your needs for your sensitivity to flourish. That’s what I found.

Rose: That’s amazing. I hadn’t thought of it like that the menstrual cycles are affected by how close you are to the equator and how varied the lengths of the days are in the seasons and everything. That’s fascinating.

Tara: It is so fascinating, and honestly, being back in the UK now after almost three years in Kenya, it was a bit of a shock to my system.

It’s, it keeps me, you know, really keeps me going. It’s like, I thought I had this figured out. Yeah. It’s really interesting. Definitely.

Rose: Oh, it would be quite an adjustment, as you say.

Tara: Yes. Absolutely.

Rose: You mentioned before, Tara, that you’ve got some books. I would love you to share your books are.

Tara: Oh, thank you. Yes, my first one is called Embodied, and it’s a self-care guide for sensitive souls. And that’s very much, you know, my journey to how I got into doing what I do in some ways, you know, lots of addictions and numbing and whilst I was living in London alongside all that, the working things and just, yeah, sort of that journey to starting become more in tune with my body and its needs and ultimately, you know, have to care for myself as a sensitive person.

And then the next three came in quite a quick succession. I’ve got Embodied Business, which is about grounding and aligning your business with the chakras—looking at some of the blocks that can come up on the entrepreneurial journey in alignment with the chakras.

Embodied Creation is all about co-creating with the energies. So what we talked about, you know, the soul of your business. Something else you could co-create with an energy of, you know, like through nature, for example. And it talks about the seasons of creation as well in that book.

Tara: And then my most recent is called Embodied Wealth, and that’s, actually, a lot of my journey with colour and the different colours and experiences with using them. Connecting to that and how that supported me to become more and more of myself, and that’s what I see true wealth as really embodying you.

You know your trueness, what wealth means to you in who you are, you know, more of a sense of being rather than an accumulation of stuff.

Rose: Fantastic. I didn’t realise you’d written so many books. That’s amazing.

Tara: Yeah. That was Kenya for you. The energy there. Honestly, there’s a creative energy there that supports me, unlike any other place.

Yeah. So a lot of it came there.

Rose: Do you have some cards, some Oracle cards as well?

Tara: I do, yes. Embodied Wisdom, all the embodied, and they are also based on, again, my journey with colour and each one is sort of like, Colour activation as well, so it’s a way to work with colour, inviting you to see how they feel, how you know, how they connect to you, and also, you know, there’s guidance to support you into alignment with your truth as well.

Rose: Beautiful. Well, I will be popping the links to all of those, your books and your cards, in the show notes, your website and your beautiful Instagram feed, which is, I just love the colours. I was so drawn to your feed when I first came across you.

Tara: Oh, thank you, Thank you. I have fun with that definitely.

Rose: Yeah. I can see you’re so creative. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity.

Tara: Oh, thank you,

Rose: Well, before I let you go, Tara, I’ve got one final question for you, which I ask all of my podcast guests. When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

Tara: Yes, and I take time out. It seems, you know, counterintuitive, but it’s so not.

I go back to well-being and self-care. I look after my body because that’s the part talking to me. If I feel that way, you know, cut back on things, take things off my to-do list, say no, and then really look after my body. And that, you know, includes things like basic, getting back to basics with self-care, nourishment, movement, connection to source, you know, get meditations, visualisations, and often some form of creativity.

And so that’s very much it. It’s getting back into my body to support it and move through.

Rose: Beautiful. Well, thank you so much, Tara. It’s been wonderful talking to you today.

Tara: You too. Thank you so much for having me and everyone for listening.

Rose: Thanks everyone, and we’ll see you or hear you on the next episode.

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