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The Sensitive CEO Show talks about ChatGP

Welcome to The Sensitive CEO Show.

This is the podcast for empaths, introverts, and highly sensitive entrepreneurs like you to grow a profitable online business in a way that feels exciting and aligned with their soul.

I’m the host Rose Cox, CEO, and founder of The HSP Business School. I’m a Transformational Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist Business Strategist, and Online Business Consultant.

I have run my own online businesses for over two decades and along with my expert guests we share science, backed advice, sound strategies, and the systems we use to succeed in our businesses and our lives.

This podcast releases every Monday with episodes of 30 minutes or less, packed full of inspiring and thought provoking conversations with many actionable tips and takeaways. You can find this podcast on any podcast app in the world, including of course, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, and iHeartRadio.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can do so at This is The Sensitive CEO Show, igniting sensitive entrepreneurs to grow their heart based soul aligned business.

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